Comfort Food For Colder Months

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Is it just us or is this winter feeling extra chilly? We’re talking four layers of clothing and walking around with a hot water bottle strapped to you, kind of chilly. In times like this when you just can’t seem to beat the cold, one thing always helps – comfort food!

Many of us feel extra snacky during colder months, and yes there is in fact a reason for it. The cold weather causes your internal body temperature to drop, and so the body burns more calories to keep itself warm! Fascinating right?

So, instead of sleeping in front of the fireplace tonight order some delicious treats for yourself and your loved ones from NetFlorist. We’ve got all the goodness to warm up your body and satisfy your taste buds.

Ready Or Not, Here We ‘Crumb’

We know Grandma can bake like a pro, but have you tried freshly baked goods from the best bakery in Johannesburg? If you haven’t yet, then you’re in for a treat.

Our doughnuts are so fluffy you’ll be a-‘glazed’ that you’re still loyal to the ones from your local Engen garage. Choose from a variety of icing flavours and toppings such as sprinkles, mini marshmallows, or Ferrero Rocher chocolates. You can even personalise the doughnuts with someone’s name or a personal message – now that’s a-‘dough’-rable!

If you’re all about chocolate-y goodness, then you must try our brownies. They’re soft on the inside and dusted with a touch of icing sugar to make them extra perfect. Send some to your friends and you’ll score serious ‘brownie’ points.

It’s no secret that everyone loves a family roast on a cold Sunday afternoon. But what’s a roast without a mouth-watering dessert? Complete their meal with a delectable slice of cake and you’ll move the entire family to ‘tiers’ – ‘tiers’ of joy of course. A classic chocolate cake is always a winner, but our rainbow and red velvet cakes are simply… ‘chef’s kiss’!

Personalised doughnutsChocolate browniesRed Velvet cake

Sweet Or Savoury?

Talking about chocolate, why not surprise them with a chocolate hat box that is filled to the brim with all their favourite indulgences? Whether they prefer it nice like Nestlé or luxurious like Lindt, a box full of choccies will instantly make them forget about the cold weather!

Not everyone enjoys being force fed with a ‘choco’-lot of sweets (it’s sad but it’s true!). So, respect their savoury tooth and surprise them with some proudly South African biltong or dried fruit and nuts. They’ll be feeling so energised that they’ll want to go for a run around the block, which should warm them up too!

On days when it’s simply too cold to run around the block, or even just to go outside, let them find comfort in snacks from The Deli. These hampers consist of fantastic goodies such as cold meats, preserves, freshly baked bread, croissants, and of course cheese! All they have to do is set up a picnic and enjoy the winter edition of ‘picnic in the lounge’.

Chocolate hatboxMontagu biltongDeli platter

Don’t Forget To Fill Their Mug

If you really want them to think that you are ‘mug’-nificent, then complete their comfort food gift with their favourite hot drink. Our tea and coffee hampers has something for the tea lovers, coffee addicts, and of course for those who enjoy their hot chocolate.

Don’t fret if they aren’t a fan of warm drinks. Our fine alcohol spoils will also guarantee to bring the heat! Whether they enjoy sipping on a glass of wine, whiskey or gin, we have all their favourite alcoholic drinks to bring them warmth and comfort this winter. Plus, these will pair so well with any one of their go-to snacks or baked treats.

If you really want to leave them chuffed, consider including a personalised mug with their tea and coffee hamper. Or personalised glassware to go with their bottle of alcohol. Our personalised items can be customised with a name, image, or personal message of your choice!

Coffee hamperToni Tea 16 pieceRed wine gift duo

With amazing comfort food ideas like these, consider them (and yourself) sorted for a winter of hibernation and snacking! NetFlorist will even deliver straight to their doorstep, so that they don’t have to brave the cold to collect their yummy surprise.

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