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Any little girl worth her sugar, spice and everything nice will have her dream wedding in her mind filled with “My little pony” foil balloons, 6000 peach coloured doves and your favourite boy band that will have disappeared in to obscurity.

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In your little girlish mind you will be walking down the aisle in a beautiful dress that looks like a three tiered wedding cake and in your hand you will be hold a beautiful bouquet of wedding flowers made out of love heart sweets, sweety pie chocolates and bright orange roses. As you grow older and your ideas for your dream wedding changes from a Candy Crush themed wedding to a more elegant affair with arum lillies being the focal flower in your wedding flowers. Although we are sure that there will be certain ideas that your six year old will insist on like the doves. Your inner six year old will not let you get married without doves and if you’re lucky she’ll let you get away with plain white ones.

Wedding flowers in South Africa
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Wedding flowers – whether you are thinking about flowers for the church, flowers for the tables at your reception or the most important flowers of all – your bridal bouquet. The bridal bouquet was originally carried to ward off evil spirits and in some instances to disguise the smell of the bride. But these days because we bath once a day whether we need to or not and the threat of evil spirits has been thwarted thanks to the valiant efforts of the Ghost Busters wedding flowers are now purely decorative and steeped in traditional.

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Walk down the aisle carrying a beautiful white lily sheaf

For many women their wedding flowers are just as important (ok maybe a little less important) than the dress and the wedding flowers are brought months in advance, the colours are picked to perfectly accent the pale ivory of the brides classically cut, vintage inspired dress. The soft lavender of the flowers accentuating the slight bluish tinge of the diamonds that rest on her throat; whether the wedding flowers have been chosen because they fit in with the colour scheme and the overall “theme” of the wedding and reception or whether they have been chosen simply because they mean something special to the bride or the couple then that is great to and entirely up to you.

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If you want the best wedding flowers available you should go and check out NetFlorist, South Africa’s largest online florist – they have the most incredible weddings and functions flowers and are able cater for the large weddings like the ones that will rival Kate’s and William’s to those small, intimate affairs that are family only. All you need to do is log onto the NetFlorist site and send through a query form on their weddings and functions page and we can guarantee that your six year old self with the satisfied with the magical fairy tale wedding that you plan.

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