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Life is made up of a series of events, the days crossed off on a calendar as the sun sets on each day and special occasions are circled in red marker ready to be celebrated with a toast with a glass of the best whiskey available or a glass of French champagne. Throughout our lives special occasions are marked by toasts, often though we are too young (please read still in utero) to appreciate the toasts in our honour. Fortunately for us time marches on and eventually we are able to see what all the fuss is about.

Net Gifts helping celebrate
Beer & nuts – lets get the weekend started with NetGifts

Another bonus for us as time marches on is that more and more of the special occasions we celebrate like our 21st’s, engagements and anniversaries are celebrated with fine wines, spirits and alcohol. Whether it is wrapped up in a beautiful box tied with a ribbon or whether it is resting in our hands in a chilled glass as we eat, drink and be merry with our nearest and dearest.

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Send fine whiskey from NetGifts
Send a personalized bottle of whiskey

Buying the perfect gift for your favourite nephew, uncle, brother or significant other is always a tricky task when trying to figure out what to buy them for their special occasion, with NetGifts however that answer is as clear as crystal or even a crystal glass filled with Crystale or Johnnie Walker. With NetGifts gift buying is even easier, all you need to do is log on to your favourite gifting site (yes of course we mean NetGifts, what kind of a muppet are you?) and get shopping there are some incredible whiskey’s, fine wines and incredible spirits such as vodka and gin waiting to be shaken or stirred in to the most exquisite and thirst quenching tipple imaginable; perfect for celebrating auspicious events such as a romantic evening in front of a fire just you and your hearts-desire sipping on champagne and supping on chocolates and strawberries; raising a glass to your happiness.

Send Moet Champagne on special occasions
Shop online for Moet & Chandon

Of course you could be celebrating your great uncle Vernon and his 88th birthday and the perfect gift for any old codger is to send him a bottle of scotch – triple distilled and twice as smoothed will make the Octogenarian’s year and take the ache out of nearing his 90’s.

Then of course you can always get your cousin a bottle of SKYY vodka for your cousin to enjoy at her 21st – or maybe ever her 29th as we hope your sweet, innocent and doe eyed isn’t drinking hard liquor so early in her 20’s.


Buy Alcohol online
Send a Bottle of vodka and celebrate a special occasion

But whatever you have decided to send as a gift in celebration whether it is whiskey, wine, Vodka or Amarula you can’t go wrong with shopping online at NetGifts. There are some alternative places that you can purchase these from. We had received a couple of notifications from clients’ and thought we’d share the perfect gifting site for you as well;

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