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Mid-week madness is officially upon us; the half way mark that is Wednesday is finally here and we can breathe a sigh of relief that there is light at the end of the tunnel of endless meetings and meetings about meetings.  Wednesday mornings always seem a little brighter and you seem to have a spring in your step as oppose to Mondays, Monday mornings seem like a chore – unless you work here in which case  Mondays are pretty swell- but in case they aren’t here’s a little something we hope will cheer you up – Sunflowers! It is a truth universally acknowledged that it is physically impossible to be unhappy or blue when gazing upon a bright bouquet of sunflowers. There is only one way to cheer yourself and your favourite people up this chump-day and that is to buy sunflowers from your favourite online florist.

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Sunflowers in a beautiful glass vase will help brighten any Wednesday

The sunflower has strong ties with the sun which is rather obvious because if it didn’t it would have been called the moonflower or the rockflower or something else.

The ancient Greeks thought of the sunflower as a symbol of Clytie who was a water nymph who had fallen in love with Apollo who was thought to have pulled the sun across the sky behind his chariot. The long and long of it is that Clytie turns into a Sunflower as she’s grieving the loss of Apollo with her face turned to the sky waiting for Apollo’s chariot to race across the sky, which is why sunflowers always follow the sun.

Sunflowers are the universal flower for luck, happiness and joy which is why they are the perfect flower to send on a Wednesday morning, especially on a grey chilly autumnal morning like the one we are experiencing at the moment.

Send sunflowers in a twisty vase
Buy mixed sunflower & Yellow Rose arrangement

You can buy a beautiful bouquet of bright sunflowers in a funky twisty glass vase- if you shop online for sunflowers at NetFlorist you will get the twisty vase absolutely free.


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