The psychology of gift-giving: why do we give gifts?

Whenever there’s an important occasion coming up like a wedding, or you want to make a good impression on the in-laws for the first time, the first thing that usually comes to mind is: what gift should I send? For some of us, it’s awkward not to send a baby shower gift to a person you care about, as small as it may be. On the other hand, some may feel guilty for not getting a birthday gift for the person they care about. All this shows is that there are intensely emotional and psychological ties to the act of gift-giving and we’re here to uncover some of the reasons behind why we give gifts to each other.

To show affection to loved ones

Ever heard of the 5 love languages concept? One of the ways that people want their partners to express their love to them is through the act of gifting. It’s the most common reason why people give gifts. Whether it’s with a bunch of gorgeous flowers to remind a spouse they’re beautiful, or a watch box because they keep misplacing all their watches. This act shows how much you enjoy making those closest to you happy because making them smile, makes you smile too!

People also give gifts to make their loved ones feel special. They enjoy getting kids all excited with a surprise chocolate gift, or congratulating friends on their new job with a bottle of whiskey. To the recipient, the monetary value, or the item itself, is not of high importance. It’s the fact that you wanted to share the joy with them that seals the deal. There are also those who may not be as good at expressing themselves with words. So, gift-giving is their way of saying, “I’m thinking of you,” or “I love you.”

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To build and strengthen relationships

Another important reason why we give gifts is to build a relationship with someone, be it a client, employee, or close friend. Whether it’s a thank you gift for when they helped you restore all your lost files or a token of your appreciation for their continued business. Customers and employees alike place high importance on the way a company treats them. A simple gift-giving gesture shows that you value them as a person. It also shows that you value the relationship you have or what to build with them.

To be a good person

Believe it or not, gift-giving says a lot about your character. People that want to be seen as generous, will always surprise their loved ones with a special gift, just because. They enjoy giving gifts even though they know you can never do the same for them. Therefore, charitable acts come so naturally to them. It makes them feel good about themselves knowing that they made another person smile.


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Gift-giving is an age-old practice that communicates a lot about you as a person. It shows how you treat the people you love and which relationships you value. For most of us, giving a gift has become a natural instinct. It’s how we express our love and care towards the people that we treasure. It’s a nice way to sustain relationships you value. It’s also a pleasant way to maintain a friendship they don’t want to end. Whatever your reasons to give a gift, NetFlorist is here to help you pick just the right one, no matter what the occasion is. Just remember, big or small, your gift adds a bit more kindness and happiness to the world.


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