Our Top 6 Gift Ideas For Diwali

Diwali Lights

Diwali, the festival of light, is an occasion of all things beautiful, exciting, and joyous. It’s a time spent with family to share stories, enjoy tasty meals, and pray together. During this occasion, all you can hear is laughter coming from the core of joyous people. It’s truly a de-‘light’-ful time for people of the Hindu, Jain and Sikh faiths. It’s a 5-day eventful celebration that will start on the 22nd of October, with the 24th and 25th being the most important days.

While most people look forward to dressing up and eating tasty food, that’s not what the occasion is all about. It includes embracing a culture of thoughtfulness through gifts and sharing tasty sweets. So, if you know someone celebrating Diwali 2022, you can show your support by sending them a gift to commemorate this occasion! And just like the many people who will light up lamps outside their homes as a symbol of the light within them, you too will be shining your inner light to them. If you’re wondering what gift to send to friends and family, don’t worry just yet. Look on the ‘bright’ pink side of things for our top six gift ideas for Diwali.

A ‘scent’-sational celebration

If you are familiar with Diwali, you will know how important the festival of light is. The lights bring out the beauty of events and complement the decorations put up. During the festival, lights are used to represent the light one holds on the inside and the victory of light over darkness. So, here’s an idea for you to help light up their festive. ‘Blow’ them away with scented candles! You can even go as far as getting them personalised LED lights and have them read, ‘happy Diwali’.

Personalised black candleBloomy CandleLED personalised

Treats for the Diwali ‘feast’-ival

In the spirit of tasty food and sharing feasts with family and friends,  sending gourmet snack hampers would do the trick as a gift. The snack hamper has tons of nutritious treats that can be shared without taking away their want to choose a favourite. You can even choose to add to the sweetness to the desserts shared during Diwali. With baked goodie options from the the bakery, like chocolate cake and cupcakes, you just might turn it into a tasty Diwali more than a bright one.

Diwali Carrot CakeDiwali treatNut packed crate

A ‘Blooming’ Colorful Diwali

‘Bright’-en up their festive with Diwali flower arrangements that are colourful and vibrant. Choose colours that have meaning and would complement the stunning décor they have on display. You don’t want to send a bunch that will dim their light, right? Instead, you would gift multicoloured flowers that speak to the occasion. Ones that communicate joy, prosperity, and luck. Maybe choose a bouquet of mixed yellow and cerise roses or maybe colourful gerberas, to ‘bloom’ them away.

Diwali bloom mixersDiwali Sunshine daisiesDiwali Purple bloom

‘Spark’-ling home décor goodies

The beauty of Diwali is how everything ties into the purpose of the festival. But all that takes preparation, especially when it comes to choosing the perfect home decorations. This makes gifting homeware gifts very fitting for the occasion. For example, utensils and glassware will be some of the most used items on the day. See, your gift might just be a Diwali blessing. Have them focused on beautifying the home with lights and flowers knowing the kitchen is sorted, all thanks to you.

Diwali Baking dishDiwali utensilsDiwali fridge magnets

‘Suit’-able fits for Diwali

Have them looking ‘present’-able throughout the festival with stunning new clothes. For example,  personalised clothing like happy Diwali printed T-shirts, caps and scarves will definitely be something they’d love. Hence we say don’t ‘sweat’-er it, these Diwali gift ideas for him or her will spark joy and excitement for them. This will also show them how much you care about them because it takes heart and thought to choose the perfect personalised gift.

Diwali Man TDiwali Colour scarfDiwali ladies T

Rooted in Diwali

Plant joy in their hearts when you gift them a plant that stands for prosperity and luck. Like Diwali, these plants love where there is light, and they will be a reminder of the special occasion. Pick a beautiful pot plant, like a peace lily, that will blend in great with their décor. It’s associated with good luck and good fortune, which ties into the theme of the festival. Keeping in the spirit of colour and beauty, an orchid plant is stunning and makes the perfect indoor plant. The orchid plant has beautiful colour blends, making it fit right in with this occasion. The plant’s added bonus is that it’s considered to attract wealth.

Diwali white orchidDiwali LillyDiwali purple orchid

With all these great gift ideas for Diwali to choose from, you might end up buying a gift for everybody you know is celebrating Diwali Whatever choice you make will be the right one with NetFlorist’s nationwide gift delivery service. We join you in wishing them a happy Diwali.

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