5 Ways To Honour Your Boss

Boss's Day

Bosses are our mentors, teachers, guidance counsellors and our friends. And, no matter what your boss means to you, it’s important for you to show your appreciation. With Boss’s Day around the corner, it’s time to finally celebrate the one who does it all. Whether they keep you motivated, inspire you, or teach you, our bosses are our role models for a reason. And, as such, they deserve to be celebrated and appreciated. From ordering pizza every Friday or spoiling the office with treats, they do it all. So, whether your hero is the cool boss, the strict boss or the laid-back boss, here are 5 ways to honour your boss!

Celebrate On 17 October

Boss’s Day 2022 falls on a Sunday. This, unfortunately, can throw a spanner in the ‘works’. Our solution? Celebrate this iconic occasion on the following Monday, 17 October! After all, we want to feel fresh and renewed for anything when celebrating our awesome managers, don’t we? So, be sure to save all those special messages, thoughtful corporate gifts, party hats and greeting cards for the beginning of the week!

Boss's Day gift Boss's Day sweets

1) Send Re-‘cards’

Share your Boss’s Day messages in a sweet way with a greeting card for him and a thank you card for her. This way, everyone in the office can share their memories and appreciation in a special way. Just be sure to get everyone to sign it, from the big boss to the new intern. And, if you’re struggling for inspiration, just remember all the effort they made for you on Worker’s Day, including the gift and card!

2) All Work And All Play

If your corporate team is like NetFlorist’s, with an all work and all play attitude, then we know just how you should celebrate this corporate occasion. And that’s with an office party! This way not only will your boss be able to take a break (away from the break room), but they will also finally be able to spend valuable time with all their team members. Just make sure to fill the office with Boss’s Day gourmet crates, dried fruit and nuts, baked goods, deli platters and chocolate hampers to keep the party going and their tummies satisfied!

Milk chocolate Personalised fruit and nuts Thank you gift

3) Swing Into Action

Of course, whether or not the office holds a Boss’s Day celebration doesn’t really matter if most or all of the employees are working from home, or in a hybrid model. But don’t lose hope. You can still host a wonderful party the way we’ve been having meetings since lockdown – with video calling! But not just any video chat. Make it an occasion to remember and hire a DJ to get the party started. Or play games to get the camaraderie going. This will not only make it a day to remember, but it will also create a sense of trust in the workplace. So, it really is a win-win for your boss. Otherwise, it would be so unique for the office to band together and record a video for their favourite boss. Not only is this gift of appreciation something they can hold onto forever, it’s also a wonderful way to thank them for everything they have done for each and every one of you.

4) Let Your Creativity Flow

If you’re looking for other Boss’s Day ideas, why not get creative and decorate their desk? These potted plants or stationery sets with their name on are perfect to add a different touch to their office. You can even take this a step further and prank them with a hilarious personalised office gift. Our activewear range, which includes items like golf balls and water bottles, is available with funny messages, sure to make your boss smile. Or you could customise a gift with a message of your choice, such as the office inside joke. Just be sure to keep the jokes clean, you don’t want to have a meeting with HR, afterall.

water bottle gourmet crate pink flowers

5) Stay ‘Present’

One of the easiest ways to show your appreciation is with a gift. Whether it’s personalised gifts, fresh floral arrangements, corporate gift hampers or desk plants, a Boss’s Day gift is sure to go down a treat! And if you don’t have any gift ideas, stop worrying. From bath and body gifts for her to gadgets for him, there’s a gift for every leadership style and every type of boss!

Make It ‘Office’-ial

No matter what they mean to you, make sure to honour your boss and show them how much you value them, whether with an office party, a wonderful gift or card, or even a Boss’s Day gift delivery if you can’t spend the day in the office with them! Our bosses go above and beyond for us everyday and they deserve our thanks, whether it’s flowers for her or a thank you biltong hamper for him!

Flowers For Her Gadgets For Him Biltong

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