6 Tips To Help You Deck Out Your Office Desk Décor For More Productivity And Less Stress At Work!

Optimal productivity is on everybody’s mind this time of the year. While this is a recurring resolution for most, we at NetFlorist are ready to help you achieve it with tips and tricks that’ll turn your workspace into a place of optimal functionality and focus!

Be it your home office desk or your desk at work, creating a functional environment is where productivity and the enjoyment of performing your best at what you do begin. So, take some time to read through these simple yet effective tips and feel free to take one or two away as you set yourself up for your best professional year yet!



Adding pictures that put a smile on your face to your workspace works wonders! With a special touch of positivity in place, not only will you feel better about being a little closer to home but all those positive feelings will spill over into your work. You’ll find that in those moments of professional doom and gloom gazing at a photo frame  of pictures of your beautiful family or peeking your fur baby’s smile on a personalised mousepad will evoke a positive attitude that will help you carry out the task at hand with a smile on your face.



Keeping motivated is key to enjoying what you do. Motivational words are another wonder worker where productivity is concerned. Surround yourself with quotes and affirmations that a ready to refuel your tank when you need it most. This is where our quirky and inspirational personalised mugs and coasters come in. Let your hourly cup of coffee or tea carry those words and as you get a double dose of (liquid) courage and motivation, with every sip, tackle those goals and meet those clients with a spring in your step! Add some decorative wall art to your space for some motivation to share with the rest of the office. Your space will undoubtedly become the motivational fill up station you’ve always wanted.



Let office aromatherapy be a thing in your work space this year. Fill the atmosphere with the soothing scents of personalised candles and turn work into a comforting experience, every now and then. Unwind with citrus, relax to the smell of lavender and cosy up with vanilla scents. It’ll all make sense after taking a moment for yourself to bask in these lovely fragrances.




For all those times you must be far from nature, bring nature closer to you. It’s amazing what the effect of adding greenery to your space can result in. Purer air to breath in and refreshing shades of green that instantly take you to a peaceful place are just some of the benefits. The colour green is known for its association with nature. Because of this association, it is also known to make people feel refreshed, at rest and calm. All of these are feelings one needs to keep a tranquil attitude in order to keep offering the best of their professional performance. All it takes is adding an indoor plant, be it succulents or leafy indoor plants, of your choice to your desk décor.



In some ways, 2020 will be no different from any other year in the office. There’ll be notes to takes, dates to diarise and ideas to jot down. What can be different this year, however, is the stationery it takes to get all of this done. Notebooks, calendars, journals and personalised pens make more of a difference when they are funky, fun and colourful. So, fill your desk with special items that’ll have you inspired and ready for every day.




All of that hard work, deep thought and productivity calls for sustenance before and after lunch. Yes, this tip is for the nibblers, chewers and sippers and stress eaters in every office around the world. Keep scrumptious gourmet delights at bay for when it’s that time of the day, week, month or year. Dried fruits, nuts, biltong, chips and sweets make for a lovely mix of tasty and healthy snacks making it easier to keep your mind off the food delivery app and focused on doing your best instead. With cool storage like the desk fridges from our wide range of amazing gifts, you’ll want to keep it stacked with all your favourites “in case of stress” or a dip in energy. And as always stay hydrated by keeping a reusable water bottle in hand.


Take the year on with a few desk décor tricks up your sleeve and enjoy the results of a higher level of productivity and lower level of stress your business or employer will be impressed by this year.

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