What Your Favourite Flower Says About You

Roses are red, violets are blue, are you ready to find out what your favourite flower says about you? You can tell a lot of things about a person from the car that they drive, the way they dress and of course, what their favourite type of flower is!

If you’re looking to dig a little deeper and get to the ‘root’ of who you truly are, take the time to explore the meaning of some of the most popular blooms and find out what your favourite flower says about you! Who knew the petals of your favourite posies could reveal so much about personality? Hey, the more you ‘grow’!


Like most other blooms, the meaning of carnations is dependent on their colour. Carnations bloom in a number of stunning hues and can even have white flowers! Moreover, red carnations have been known to symbolise passion and even unrequited love. While pink carnations tend to be associated with familial love and affection.

What your favourite flower says about you

What they say about you: If carnations are your favourite type of flower, it means you’re pragmatic and tend to prioritise other people over yourself. Plus, you’ve adopted a less is more attitude, although you’re always partial to a bit of colour.

what carnations say about you


These sunny flowering plants are associated with springtime, rebirth, new life and fresh beginnings.

What they say about you: You’re someone who is always ready for the next adventure. You’re not too precious about things and enjoy a challenge. You characterise yourself as extremely ambitious and there’s no chance that you’re a wall-‘flower’!


The deep purple and blue colour of these wonderful blooms has an association with wisdom, faith and even royalty. Serenity is another quality linked to these flowers.

What your favourite flower says about you

What they say about you: If these ‘iris’-sistable beauties are your favourite flower it means you’re a serious and emotional person who experiences life very deeply. In addition, you’re likely to be an introvert who is highly creative.

What your favourite flower says about you


These beautiful blooms are known for their bright petals and are famous for tracking the path of the sun across the sky. Due to their association with the sun they are most often sent on celebratory occasions and make wonderful birthday flowers!

What your favourite flower says about you

What they say about you: You are bubbly and always look on the bright side of things. You are a vivacious person who doesn’t shy away from adventure and excitement. Whatever situation you end up in, you’re an eternal optimist!


Tulips are stunning perennial flowers which bloom in the springtime. They mean light, hope and warmth. They’re often used to symbolise familial love.

what your favourite flower says about you

What they say about you: If tulips are your favourite flower type it means that you are thoughtful, charitable and cheerful. Your ability to adapt to different situations makes you unique and you put your family above all else.

tulips in a vase


Proteas are associated with diversity and are known for their thick stalks and strong, radiant flowers. These hardy plants bloom for long after they’ve been picked. Furthermore, they are also known for symbolising transformation.

favourite flowers

What they say about you: You’re a practical person who has their priorities straight. It’s clear that you enjoy beautiful things, but are also prudent with your money. You are confident in your ability to make decisions.

what your favourite flower says about you


Of course the meaning of these fabulous fresh flowers is dependent on the type of lilies they are. Stargazer lilies are known for being bright and beautiful and are associated with prosperity and abundance. On the other hand, St Joseph lilies symbolise and integrity and purity.

What they say about you: You’re self-assured and don’t mind standing out in a crowd. Plus, you’re someone who is always ready to go with the ‘flow’-er!

what your favourite flower says about you


Roses – we’ve saved the best for last! As the queen of fresh flowers, roses are adored for their beauty and are often regarded as the most romantic of all flowers. Naturally, the different colours have taken on different meanings, so here’s a breakdown of what these wonderful fresh flowers mean:

Red roses: These flowers are dramatic and are practically synonymous with love and romance. They are often used as anniversary flowers.

What they say about you: You’re a hopeless romantic who is passionate about love and life!

White roses: They’re often associated with young love and are sometimes referred to as the bridal rose, as they’re commonly used as wedding flowers.

What they say about you: You’re easy-going and are very trusting. You see the good in the people around you.

Yellow roses: These vivacious flowers represent friendship and joy.

What they say about you: You’re a warm soul who enjoys spending time with friends and family.

Just like flowers, no two humans are alike, but are all beautiful and special in their own unique way. Whatever your favourite type of flower reveals about your personality, we hope you know that you’re ‘blooming’ amazing!

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