Cheers to you, New Year’s 2022!

3…2…1…It’s almost New Year 2022! Do you remember the good old days? Pre-pandemic when we used to say ‘nth’ year is going to be MY year? It seems like Covid-19 has changed more than just our daily lives, it has changed the way we think and approach various occasions. Occasions that used to be fun and exciting have become somewhat haunted by the ever present question of ‘Have you had your 2nd jab yet?’ 

Social distancing means no ‘New Year’s kiss’, it means you can’t toast with your buds as you count down the seconds to a fresh start…We know, we know, it sounds like we’re just making a list of all the things you can’t do, right? Plot twist, we’re actually here to tell you how you can still do all the special New Years activities that you love to do – in the midst of a pandemic, where hopelessness seems to pop up a little bit too frequently. Plus we’re going to share our tips on how you can make this upcoming year, your year (That’s right, we’re done letting Miss Rona get our spirits down!) So, settle down and get comfortable while we walk you through the steps of celebrating New Years Eve 2021!


So to start off…about that kiss

It’s no surprise when we say that we’re South Africa’s online cupid. Our entire existence really ‘stems’  from the simple desire to connect people with their loved one and what better way to do that than with flowers? Yes, we know, it sounds cheesy to send your special someone flowers as a replacement for a New Year’s kiss, but what if it wasn’t? You could send them so much more than a classic bouquet of red roses, you could create your own personal message based on the dozens upon dozens of flowers available online and create something that could truly make them feel special.

However, in the unfortunate event that they’re allergic to pollen (or if they just don’t like flowers *gasp*) you could share that New Year’s kiss and buy a chocolate gift online, or more specifically, our super romantic chocolate hampers (They’re customisable too, so you could literally label the box as a ‘New Year’s Kiss’). We’ve always been fond of the idea that there are so many different ways to share a kiss without, well, sharing a kiss. In a way, the social distancing forces us to get creative, but that could also be just what makes this New Year so special! 

If you really feel like making it one to remember though, send your ‘honey’ a picnic basket and facetime with them while the fireworks go off (literally) on New Years Eve! Pair it with a super snuggly personalised blanket so that you can send them cuddles as your relationship moves into the new year! Remember, just because you can’t be there, doesn’t mean you can’t be there


‘Cheers’ to 2022

Wine & Biltong as a boss day gift ideaGet Well Food Gift







Get Well Gadget Gift

A vital moment in any New Year’s celebration is toasting with your buddies while you count down the final seconds of the year before screaming ‘Happy New Years!’ – we know, the adrenaline rush is intense! Sadly, we can’t have a New Years 2022 toast with all of our mates in person this year, but that’s not to say that you can’t have a drink in each others ‘spirits’. Send your buds a personalised alcohol crate straight from the heart to show them that you’re thinking about them this New Year (we usually enjoy snacking with our friends while we very responsibility sip on our alcoholic beverages, so it’s always a good idea to send a man crate along with their personalised alcohol gift). 

Mmm, speaking of snacks – we’ve got a wide range of NYE-worthy treats from our bakery and deli, with personalised cupcakes (You have to put ‘2020-You’ onto those, you just have to!) to (unironically) cheesy cheese platters (because New Years 2022 can still be fancy, even if it’s in the comfort of your own home), we’ve got all of your feasting needs covered!

It’s also an unspoken rule to take as many memorable pictures as you can on New Year’s eve. It’s a good thing that  we’ve got all the gadgets online to ensure that you can take the best shots regardless of where you are! That’s tool number 1 in our New Year’s arsenal, by the way, a personalised powerbank to keep you capturing memories and to make sure that you stay in ‘charge’ throughout 2022. If the nostalgia of any of the previous New Years celebrations begin to creep up on you, our advice is to embrace it – specifically with a personalised picture frame for the photos you took that year (perhaps this could even start a tradition to cherish and frame a special moment for each New Year’s Eve going forward).

Start the year off ‘write’

NotebookNotebook with a list of new year's resolutions. Only one item is on the list "quit making new year's resolutions".

An age-old tradition in the celebration of New Years is writing down New Year’s resolutions and promising yourself that you’ll be more productive this year than you were last! It’s a great way to gain some much needed motivation – the only problem is that this burst of energy dies out fast. 

Not to worry! We’re here to help you stay on track and follow through with your resolutions with our amazing range of personalised stationary available online.

We’re all stocked up on notebooks for you to write your pinterest-inspired lists and personalised planners to help you stay on track with your resolutions and 2022 workout regimes. Speaking of workouts, your own personalised fitness mat would be an ideal item to have going into the New Year, after all, it’s much safer than having to use the ones provided by the gym (and it’s also much less effort than having to sanitise said gym mat before and after you use it). 

Even though we tend to use our phones more nowadays to mark down important dates and keep track of our tasks, nothing can really beat the feelings of motivation that a specially themed, brand new calendar for the new year provides – oh yeah, since New Year’s 2022 is all about ‘twenty-twenty-you’, why not just personalise the calendar! 


It’s the year of me! 







Like we said, 2022 is all about twenty-twenty-you! So in the spirit of self love and self care, you should definitely treat yourself (or your loved ones) to an at-home-pamper session with one of our deluxe bath and body hampers – they’re a great way to relax and rejuvenate regardless of the occasion, but there’s something pretty symbolic of doing this ritual of self care on New Years. It’s also a great way to celebrate the end of 2021 if you’re self-isolating (psst, perfect gift for anyone who has covid this New Year and needs a bit of a pick me up, by the way) or simply spending the evening by yourself. 

On the topic of loving yourself, if you’re cruising through New Years solo, why not spoil yourself (or a fellow single ‘stem’) further with one of our super fancy champagne hampers (with a box of decadent chocolate because your diet technically only starts on the 1st of January, anyway) or even a bottle of perfume? If you’re like us, you can get pretty ‘scenti-mental’ when it comes to important occasions like this, so you like to make them extra special!

Ultimately, even with all of our tips and tricks, New Years 2022 will be different from all of the other New Year’s eve memories we’ve made in the past, and that’s okay, too.

And with that…

The important lesson to carry forward in 2022 is that regardless of distance and circumstances, there are still ways that we can connect with and express our love to those who are special to us. Plus, it’s important not to let those circumstances hold you back from doing your thing and owning your year! You can still achieve all of your dreams and aspirations during any time of uncertainty as long as you stay positive and motivated! And remember, NetFlorist is here for you every step of the way, anytime (hint hint, we offer sameday delivery).

Happy New Year 2022, we can’t wait to watch you ‘grow’!

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