Grandparents love to lavish their grandchildren with an endless supply of love, gifts, and sweets (which they always seem to have on them). Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of our busy lives, we can forget that our grandparents won’t be around forever. The truth is, we need to cherish the moments we can with them now. Fortunately, we have a whole day dedicated to our grandparents! Grandparents’ Day 2021 is the perfect opportunity to return the favour to our ‘gogo’ and ‘pops’, and honour them for their strength, kindness, and pearls of wisdom! If you’re wondering when Grandparents’ Day is, this year it happens to be on 12 September. So, celebrate the diversity of people who put the ‘grand’ in grandparent!

Many grandparents may tell you the best gift is more time together, but there are situations — like our present moment (thanks, Covid 19) — when that simply isn’t an option. So, if you’re hoping to find the right gift for your grandparent, and what gifts to avoid – we’ve put together a few Grandparents’ Day gift ideas that include something for every type of grandparent. Even if they are as obsessed with their plants as they are with their grandkids or prefer to use a landline over a cell phone — the matriarchs and patriarchs of the family deserve the absolute best!

For the grandparent who swaps cookie recipes with you

Many of our childhood memories include the wonderful smell of cookies, rusks, pies, and biscuits baking at grandma and grandpa’s house. For as long as we can remember, they’ve been there to offer advice and a plate full of your favourite treats. They ‘bake’ the world a better place! Chances are though, that their bakeware has seen better days. Why not spoil them with Grandparents’ Day homeware! A good pair of personalised oven mitts and a stunning assortment of matching chopping board gifts for delivery are kitchen ‘must haves’. Grandparents’ Day 2021 is a good opportunity to fancy it up a little with a new pairing, perfectly designed to their tastes!

Grandparents' Day Oven Mitts & Chopping Board

We know, we know…nothing can top your grandma’s famous cookie recipe! But if your grandparents are a bit far away from you this year and you still want to treat them to Grandparents’ Day cakes without the fuss of cleaning it up, we have grandparent-worthy confections from the best bakery in South Africa – our online bakery! We’re confident that these sweet baked treats will come a close second to grandma’s! From classic chocolate cake to gourmet brownies – these will fill their hearts and tummies.

Grandparents' Day Cake

For the grandparent who passes down their pearls

While they probably loved the macaroni necklace that you made them in ’95, it’s safe to say it’s time to step up your accessory gifting game. NetFlorist has a wonderful new range of personalised jewellery boxes online for your gran or gramps! Whether you want to gift them with a beautiful jewellery holder to display all their favourite treasures, or you want to make sure their valuables are kept safe – these storage gems are a wonderful reminder of your love for grandparents.

Grandparents' Day Jewellery Holder

Grandpa may not wear jewels per se, but he can love to accessorise too! If you’re looking for Grandparents’ Day accessories, a personalised watch holder is a dandy way for your gramps to store his collection of watches, and something for him to boast about because it comes from his grandkid of course! For the minimalistic grandpa, we also have an array of simpler accessories. He will surely appreciate the practicality of a sock, wallet, or belt gift for Grandparents’ Day!

Grandparents' Day Socks

For the hip and happening grandparent

With this year making it particularly hard to stay in touch with our grandparents, a present that can help bring them closer to your life is something they’re sure to adore! Grandparents’ Day 2021 is an opportunity to phone them, text them, FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom with them. And if they don’t have the necessary Grandparents’ Day gadgets to make communication easier – now is the time to gift it to them!

Grandparents' Day Cell Phone Cover

From cool laptop accessories, personalised power banks for Grandparents’ Day to cell phone covers that can be personalised with a photograph of their favourite grandchild. Our range of personalised Grandparents’ Day gadgets is guaranteed to add a spark to gran or gramps’ lives and make them feel ‘hip’ to it!

Grandparents' Day Power Bank

For the grandparent with doilies and old school photo frames

Our grandparents take a lot of pride in their homes! With carefully crocheted doilies, antique tea sets (that are not to be touched!), and hand-crafted throw pillows, the way they’ve decorated their home took a lot of time and effort over the years. Why not add something extra special to their homes with our personalised scatter cushions? By personalising it with their favourite photo of you, or honouring a special memory in your relationship, gran and gramps will surely cherish this thoughtful gift!

Grandparents' Day Scatter Cushion

Sure, your grandma and grandpa have photographs of you all over their house. Maybe they pull out the old photo album whenever anyone comes over for a visit, but why not show them a more contemporary way to do it with personalised Grandparents’ Day home décor. Our picture-perfect acrylic blocks are a modern and sentimental way to show your grandparents how much you appreciate their love of photographs.

Grandparents' Day Acrylic Block

For the grandparent with a green thumb

For many of us, our childhoods are filled with memories of dirt and digging up in our grandparents’ gardens. Gardens are so synonymous with grandparents that it makes sense that their special day even has its own flower! The Grandparents’ Day flower is appropriately the ‘Forget-Me-Not.’ But these are not always easy to find, so we recommend thinking outside the, well, pot. And, as it happens, Grandparents’ Day in South Africa is in spring and the perfect time for spring-inspired gifts. You can honour those who helped you ‘grow’ by gifting them with gorgeous green plants or bring some colour to their lives with a more traditionally beautiful flowering plant.

Grandparents' Day Flowers

Whether you’re looking for Grandparents’ Day gifts for granddad or a Grandparents’ Day gift idea for grandma – potted lavender plantsclassic rose baskets and resilient succulents are all-inclusive and a great way for grandkids and grandparents to bond. Since video calls have become the norm now, during your next video call with the grandparents, why not ask them how their gifted plant is growing? They’ll be sure to pass down some age-old gardening tips to you that have been tried and tested for decades!

Grandparents' Day Plant

Nothing compares to the special connection shared between a grandparent and grandchild. They’re the roots of the family, a walking-talking book of knowledge, they never let the sweet jar get empty and they say ‘yes’ even when mom or dad says ‘no’. Whether they’re new to the title or pros by now, the major role that our grandparents play in our lives means they deserve an extra special Grandparents’ Day gift!

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