Spring Day – Our Seasonal Selections!

Shake off those winter blues and get the garden tools ready, Spring Day 2021 is almost here! Spring is the time to welcome warmer weather, longer days and vibrant sceneries back into our lives. If the colder months left your friends, family or workplace feeling chilly, be the bright spot in their day with these gift ideas for Spring Day.

Spring Day falls on 1 September, which happens to be a Wednesday this year and falling in the middle of the week means you can bring some springtime fun to the office too! We have seasonal spoils for everyone, from your friends to your colleagues and clients. There are spring gifts for the office that include some delightful desk accessories. Find some wonderful wearable options that are season-appropriate and beautiful blooms that will ‘spring’ a smile to anyone’s face. At NetFlorist, our gifts may be evergreen but we know the best ways to wish someone a happy Spring Day!

Spring Day Blooms

Spring Day flowers always look brighter and smell better, probably because we missed them so very much during winter. If there was ever a day to send an arrangement, it’s the day the welcomes the season of flowers. If you are looking for Spring Day bouquets, why send one type of bloom when you can send them all! Send a bright and bold mixed flower bouquet that celebrates all the beautiful shades that spring brings.

flower gifts for Spring Day

This is the season to get back into the garden. Winter’s cold fingers may have left your loved one’s garden worse for wear. This is your chance to send them the inspiration they need to get back into it with a Spring Day plant. Seasonal plants like tulips and irises aren’t just wonderful Spring Day gifts to receive but could be the new addition to their flower beds that your loved one has been looking for! If they are still a ‘budding’ gardener, make sure they know how to care for their tulips with these tips as well as advice for irises.

Plant gifts for Spring Day

Seasonal Treats

Spring is the best time to enjoy fruity flavours and a tray of dried fruit and nuts is our top choice for a Spring Day snack hamper. It’s the easy to grab, deliciously tasty, I-want-more treat that is perfect for any Spring Day celebration, from a family braai to an office party.

Snack hamper for Spring Day

The warmer weather means we need to up our fluid intake but we’re not talking about water! There’s no better way to sip Spring Day 2021 away than with a bottle of fine alcohol. From local beers to premium bubbles, the NetFlorist bar has it all. You can give someone that warm spring feeling when you spoil them with a bottle (or bottles!) of their favourite drink.

Alcohol gifts for spring

Spring Apparel

Those bulky jackets and knitted beanies will soon be banished to the back of the cupboard. Help your loved one ‘spring clean’ their look with Spring Day apparel. Let them embrace the short-sleeve season with a gift of a personalised t-shirt. These stylish picks will have them feeling cool in more than one way!

Warm weather apparel gifts

Spring means finding any excuse to spend time outside and a braai is always a good idea. Gift your loved one another reason to enjoy the season with a personalised apron. This fabulous spring homeware gift will protect their clothes from any splatter without them overheating.

Aprons for spring

Your loved one might not have been brave enough to face the cold mornings of winter and we don’t blame them! Now that the mornings are getting more tolerable, a gift of Spring Day active gear will be just the motivation they need. Our active gifts range from personalised water bottles to yoga tote bags so, no matter what their preferred activity it, you can find something that will get them up and going this season!

Personalised water bottle

Corporate Gifts For Spring Day

There’s a wonderful Spring Day gift idea that will allow you to spoil the office and celebrate the season all at the same time… a picnic basket! These heavenly hampers are always crowd-pleasers, no matter if you are treating your clients, colleagues or co-workers, individually or as a group. It’s not hard to see why because they are filled with top-class treats and can even be personalised if you want to add that special touch.

Corporate picnic baskets for spring

If you want to inspire the hard-workers around you then inject some spring cheer into their pencil cases. With fabulous floral designs as well as colourful covers, personalised stationery is the best way to ‘plant’ the seeds of good ideas! ‘Trim’ down on the time you spend looking for corporate Spring Day gifts because NetFlorist has spring-inspired stationery that includes mouse pads, notebooks, calendars and much more.

Corporate stationery gifts

As South Africans, we are spoilt for natural beauty during spring. There are multiple botanical gardens to visit, beaches to swim in and so many more ways to enjoy the season. But, after winter, some may need some convincing to come out of hibernation. So help your loved ones get into the spring mood with a seasonal gift that brightens their day. Even if they have to be inside, for work or other reasons, NetFlorist will make sure your springtime spoils get delivered straight to them.

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