The Tastiest Chocolate Gifts For Chocolate Day

Hooray, World Chocolate Day is on the 7th of July! It is the ‘sweetest’ day of the year. It only make sense to make sure those around you have the tastiest chocolate gifts for this momentous occasion! World Chocolate Day is all about celebrating the most delectable treat of all time. Whether it’s used to coat other sweets and nuts, melted over fruit, or shaved over a gourmet dessert, chocolate always hits the spot. Some like it dark and bitter, others smooth and sweet. No matter their flavour preference, the NetFlorist bunch have a ‘recipe’ to follow to make sure someone special receives the best chocolate gifts to satisfy their sweet tooth this Chocolate Day 2021.

Personalised Chocolate Gifts Just For Them

Nothing makes one feel more special than a personalised gift solely for them. A sentimental spoil always touches one’s heart and makes them feel loved and appreciated. So, it is a no brainer that they would love a personalised chocolate gift! We’ve got a delicious assortment of personalised chocolate gifts that will have them licking their lips. And in this case, if the chocolate gift has their name on it, chocolate thieves might think twice about getting their fingers sticky.

This personalised love photo choc tray is perfect for someone special. Personalise it with a photo that captures happy memories. This keepsake tray makes a meaningful chocolate gift that is sure to ‘melt’ their heart. And if they have a taste for the finer things in life, spoil them to a personalised Lindt tray that is ‘choc-a-block’ with Lindt chocolate surprises.


A Hat (Box) Full Of Surprises

What could be better than a hat full of surprises? No, they won’t be pulling out fluffy bunnies when they open these hatboxes. Instead, they will be delighted to find a wide selection of all sorts of delicious chocolate treats. Our selection of chocolate hatboxes are sure to make a great chocolate gift for Chocolate Day. These hatboxes are filled to the brim with Nestle chocolate bars, Smarties and a whole ‘choc-a-lot’ of sweet surprises.

If you are wanting to make it extra special, send them a personalised floral hat box that can be customized with their name. Like mentioned earlier, they are sure to appreciate a personalised chocolate gift that is dedicated just to them.

Or, if you are wanting to send something a little more fancy and luxurious, hit a sweet spot of theirs with Ferrero Rocher filled Hat Boxes. These luxurious bite-sized chocs are sure to create golden moments this Chocolate Day!

Winning Combos

Why give them one gift, when you can give them two! Chocolate and fresh flowers is a classic combo for a reason and makes the best celebratory gift – perfect for World Chocolate Day. Our range of edible arrangements include exceptional chocolate day gift ideas that will make this delicious occasion beautiful, too!

This delightful roses and Lindt crate is filled with beautiful blooms that will brighten up any room, and delectable choccies that will make any tummy happy. They are sure to make them feel a whole ‘choc’-ful of happiness!

Another killer combo has got to be teddies and chocolate. If you’ve been shy to tell your crush how you truly feel, ‘blame’ it on World Chocolate Day and surprise them with a gift that will definitely warm their hear. This Ladybug Love and Kitkat Hamper will definitely make them feel warm and fuzzy inside.

‘Cake’ Their Chocolate Day

Let them eat (chocolate) cake! The best bakery in Johannesburg will of course have the freshest, moistest selection of chocolate cakes that are to be gobbled up in no time. Spoil them to a moreish Bar One Château Gâteaux cake that will keep them going back for seconds and thirds! We couldn’t think of a better chocolate gift for Chocolate Day.

Surprise them with this dark chocolate Lindt cake that will be extra indulging. This is a chocolate lovers dream and will most definitely leave them smiling from ear to ear. If the sound of that doesn’t make your mouth water, I’m not sure what will!

If you think a whole cake might just be too much, send them a tin filled with decadent chocolate brownies or cute cake pops that are the perfect bite-size.

Let them celebrate World Chocolate Day on the 7th of July in style with only the tastiest and scrumptious chocolate gifts from NetFlorist. From chocolate hampers, chocolate cookies, slabs of chocolate and more, you are guaranteed to make their Chocolate Day a sweet one!





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