What is Teacher’s Day?

There are special types of people who devote their lives to helping others. With the current climate, we are aware of one particular group of special people: essential staff and health-workers. These heroes are having to work non-stop to prevent the spread of the virus, making countless sacrifices. Yet, although they deserve their own special day, these are not the heroes I am writing about today.

The heroes I am referring to have worked fiercely during the Covid-19 pandemic, they have a hand in touching nearly every life in our beautiful country, and they are at the forefront of shaping young minds. I am, of course, talking about teachers. The 5th of October is World Teacher’s Day, and here at NetFlorist, we take it pretty seriously.

Teachers often go above and beyond for students in ways that tend to go unnoticed, and unseen. And with the world going into turmoil during these unprecedented circumstances, teachers have had to do more than ever. Balancing online classes and lectures with online marking and navigating their classroom with a heightened need for hygiene and distance are just some of the tasks your educators are dealing with on a daily level. And that doesn’t even include ensuring the school year continues so you can get your degree, certificate or grades on time – despite the pandemic.

Teacher's Day Homeware Gifts

Let’s be honest, the only reason teachers do a whole lot more than is required is that they love educating and helping others. So, it is only natural the NetFlorist Bunch wants to help you send your Teacher’s Day message in the best way possible.

If you need Teacher’s Day gift ideas to assist in showing your favourite educator just how special you think they are during these unprecedented times, then you’ve come to the right place. Skip the Teacher’s Day card this year and send a beautiful present or flowers instead. In homage to all the amazing teachers, lecturers, educators, and friends who have sacrificed so much to help us succeed, we decided to put together a little gift guide to help you honour yours.

Stationery Gifts:

Teachers spend most of their time in the classroom. Whether they are on their feet tending to everyone in the room, at their desk hosting a Zoom class or writing down complex equations on the whiteboard – their classroom is essentially their office. And what better way to say thank you, than with a gift for the space they use the most (and one they can take home to use during online classes too)? This is why we suggest sending your teacher a spectacular stationery gift. With personalised stationery gifts from NetFlorist, you can wow them with gifts like personalised notebooks, laptop bags, laptop accessories and so much more! They will be able to journal about how much they appreciate their gift with their brand-new pens and pencil case!


What? Is stationery not their style? Well, consider yourself lucky because that is just the tip of the iceberg! NetFlorist offers so much more, like what we’re known for: flowers! Bring a smile to the face of the best teacher you had this year with a beautiful bouquet of Teacher’s Day flowers. With so many fresh flower types to choose from, these are specially selected flowers for teachers. Why not wow them with a bouquet of roses and gerberas? Or delight them with an array of blue flowers and white flowers? The choice is up to you. But between us, their desk would look so much better with a gorgeous bouquet sitting on top of it instead of a red apple… Wouldn’t it?


Sometimes you can have more than one favourite teacher. And that’s okay! We won’t tell anyone. If one of your favourite teachers has a bit of a green thumb, they may appreciate a thoughtful plant gift. Plant gifts are a great way to show how much you appreciate someone with a present that lasts. And the best part? It will look great in their classroom or home, as these are all indoor plants like succulents, orchids, and bonsai trees. Even herbs like rosemary, mint and basil can be turned into pot plants for your feisty Home Economics teacher. And if your geography teacher can tell the difference between a cactus and a lily, maybe they will appreciate one of these?

Bath & body gifts:

Looking for a gift that extends outside the classroom? Well, ensure that your number one lecturer will be able to relax and unwind after a stressful day of grading online assignments and navigating Zoom seminars with a bath and body gift from NetFlorist. With a combination of a personalised gown, candles, a cosmetics bag and products from name-brand professionals like Charlotte Rhys – they will feel as if you managed to bring the spa right to their door (instead of the piles of marking they brought home with them, YIKES). Why not send your extra special English teacher something that will put a huge smile on her face, and let her forget about her worldly troubles for a while? With a bath and body hamper, you are as likely to be the new teacher’s pet as they are to feel pampered and serene!

Gifts for different budgets:

Let’s face it; when it comes to gifting we are often limited by how much money we have in the bank. Because even though you want to be generous (and send your favourite educator something thoughtful in appreciation for all their efforts), you can’t gift an island when all you have in your pocket is enough for a chappie. This is why we have carefully put together a few ranges at specific price points, so you don’t have to break the bank to be the teacher’s pet. Looking for gifts under R200? No sweat! Take a peek at our range of gifts under R199! Are you wanting to stretch the budget to gifts under R300? Well, lucky you! We have a fully stocked collection of presents under R299! And with gifts under R500 in our presents for R399 and below range, you will be able to find exactly what you’re looking for! We even have gifts over R599! You know… In case you feel like going all out.

A closing note:

It doesn’t matter who you want to send Teacher’s Day gifts to this 5th of October. It can be your university lecturer, your high school teacher, or your favourite educator; the bottom line is that they deserve some gratitude and appreciation for all they do for not only you but countless others. And with all they are having to navigate during these difficult times, a thoughtful present may be appreciated now more than ever.

Some say love makes the world go round. Others will say its money. But here, at NetFlorist, we know the truth: teacher’s make the world go round.

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