With Boss’s Day 2020 around the corner, it makes one stop and wonder about who their boss really is. Sometimes we forget that our bosses are human too, with human emotions and human problems, no matter how superhuman they may seem. They too have good days and bad days and may also need a little reassurance that the work they are doing has a positive impact, just like you. This Boss’s Day take the chance to appreciate these human beings in the best way possible!

When you look at your boss, they may look intimating, or like they’ve got it all together, but the truth is that they haven’t always been this way. They did not get to the top overnight. It took hard work, dedication and perseverance to get to where they are. It is because of this that they strive to help you become a better person and mentor you into excelling in everything that you do. This Boss’s Day, take the time to appreciate their efforts by showing them that gratification that they deserve. What better way to do so than with a gift to say ‘Thank you’!

Now we know that no two bosses are the same, so that’s why NetFlorist has curated an entire range of gift ideas that are suited perfectly to the type of person that your boss is. With these fabulous gift ideas, it looks like your boss is about to feel… well, like a boss. Take a look at the best Boss’s Day gifts for different kinds of bosses:


Personalised Gifts – For the boss who leaves a mark!

Personalised Boss's Day giftsPersonalised Boss's Day gifts

Some people are just naturally influential. If your boss is one of those people, show them your admiration with a remarkable personalised gift. Personalised Boss’s Day gifts are a special way for you to honour them with something that they will be able to treasure not just on Boss’s Day, but for years to come. A gift like a personalised cognac crate will add a sentimental touch to their office, or personalised golf balls that will impress their clients on the green. Explore wonderful personalised gifts that are sure to leave a lasting impression on their heart.


Chocolate – For the boss with a sweet-tooth!

Boss's Day chocolateBoss's Day chocolate

You’ve probably noticed that there’s a bottom drawer that your boss always fishes sweet treats from. Every now and again, you spot them reaching for their sugar boost. Top up their ‘secret’ stash with Boss’s Day chocolate, a thoughtful way for you to let them know that they are not overlooked. All the sweetness on NetFlorist ranges from personalised candy jars and chocolate hatboxes to luxurious Lindt hampers and edible arrangements. Whether this is a Boss’s Day gift for him or her, it is one that can seldom go wrong. The Large Chocolate-Filled Hat Box deserves an honourable mention. This awesome assortment of chocolate goodies will overwhelm your boss. Packed with the finest milk chocolate treats from Nestlé, it’s a gift from chocolate heaven! Explore all the yummy gifts you can find and wish them a sweet Boss’s Day.


Gadgets – For the boss with a love for tech!

Boss's Day gadgetsBoss's Day gadgets

If they’re always on the go and technology is their best friend, help them to get things done with gadget gifts for Boss’s Day. With one of NetFlorist’s personalised power banks, your busy boss will always stay connected. These powerful tech tools mean that they don’t always have to be at the office to get stuff done, making them an ideal Boss’s Day gift. Cover their most essential tool with a stylish protective accessory – a personalised phone cover, or a laptop bag that they can carry around wherever they go! They take their phone everywhere anyway, so why not make it a sleek part of their everyday life?


Plants – For the boss with a love for nature!

Boss's Day plantsBoss's Day plants

Plants are the gifts that keep on giving. For a nurturing boss, they’re like another member of the team! Whether they take it home or keep it flourishing on their desk, a plant for Boss’s Day will add life and brightness to their space. The team at NetFlorist has picked the finest plants for your boss, from the small and cute growers to the dramatic plants that steal the show. Or you can brighten up their office with extravagant Boss’s Day flowers that will fill their Boss’s Day 2020 with joy!


Ready to handle it like a boss?

Don’t forget to send your warmest Boss’s Day messages with your gift! Once you’ve picked the present that can’t go wrong, just place an order online. NetFlorist will handle your Boss’s Day gift delivery! And you will be left in their good books for the days ahead!

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