What’s In Their Bag For Winter?


Let’s be honest, winter can be a pretty brutal time of the year. The cold air and weather can take a toll not only on our appetite and skin but can also interrupt our day-to-day lives. Whether the chilly weather makes you sick or just a bit more prone to accidents, there are plenty of difficulties that come with the coldest season of the year. Luckily, there are a few things to keep in your handbag that will make life go a little smoother this winter!

So, why not warm up your gifting spirit and get your loved ones’ prepared! We’ve created the ultimate list of bag must-haves that everyone needs to keep life running smoothly during the cooler months. From hand lotion to powerbanks and even a snack (or three!), by keeping some winter essentials in their bag, they’ll be ready for anything!

‘Bag’ The Best Gift

But first off, bags and handbags! Can you ever go wrong with a bag gift? The answer is no, no you cannot. Because they’re essential! How else are they going to keep all their things together? If you’re looking for gifts for the bag lady (or lad) in your life, look no further. We’ve got the perfect stylish selection for your mom and bestie who are obsessed with all things bags! And if your sister really just needs one to carry around her stuff, we’ve got her covered too!

For the more traditional bag types, we have everything from classic leather handbags to trendy cross-body bags. We also have purses to put in their bags, and even practical tote bags. For the one who always carries around their laptop you could, of course, always include a personalised laptop bag! Once you’ve found that bag to rule them all, filling it with the things they might need on a day-to-day basis can help them feel just one step further to being prepared!

Tan Shopper BagCream Cross Body BagBlack Laptop Sleeve Bag

A ‘Spritz’ Of Bath & Beauty

Hands can get cracked and dry in winter, especially since we’re all still washing our hands more (aren’t we guys? Aren’t we?) While handwashing helps to prevent you from getting sick, doing it frequently can dry your skin. To help them avoid cracked and sore hands, pop a bath and beauty product like a moisturiser in their handbag, too. There are plenty of travel-sized moisturiser and hand lotions out there that will fit nicely without taking up too much space. Keeping this in your bag during winter just makes sense!

Plus, packing up their bath and beauty products and keeping them compact has never been easier, thanks to our cosmetic and toiletry bags. It’s also good to carry a fragrance in your bag. An emergency in-person meeting, or last-minute lunch? They’ll just need to pop it out of their purse, spritz some on their wrist and neck and they’re ready to go. And, the finishing touch?

Jimmy Choo PerfumeCharlotte Rhys Hand LotionPersonalised Cosmetic Bag

‘Note’-worthy Gadget Gifts

Inspiration strikes when it strikes! While you may think that it will stick with you, chances are, that little tidbit of information or spark of an idea won’t stick. It’s a beautiful blessing when you have a brilliant idea for that new ‘big thing’ and you’re able to jot it down in your notebook (thanks to carrying it in your bag.) Creativity aside, a personalised notebook is the perfect place to jot down a quick thought before you forget it. They’re great for writing down ideas, to-do lists, and meetings. And what’s a notebook without a pen, you may ask? Look no further than our stationery gifts. All you have to do is find the perfect sizes for their bag and they’ll be all set!

For the more tech-inclined friends and fam, how often do they find themselves running out of power when heading home from work? On a dark winter night, this is never a good idea – and can actually be unsafe. Make sure that they have a powerbank in their bags so that they can charge on-the-go! Just make sure that it is fully charged or it will be pointless carrying it with you! (Yes, we do speak from experience.) Also, with the rise of wireless headphones, it’s worth noting that Bluetooth is a massive drain on your battery. If they use Bluetooth often, they’re going to need a powerbank.

Personalised Wireless EarbudsPersonalised Notebook SetPersonalised Powerbank

Emergency Snacks On-the-go

Emergency snacks to stash in their bag are a must! No one knows when they’re going to get hungry and need a little pick-me-up. It’s important to carry around on-the-go snacks when you’re pressed for time and desperately need energy. Health-wise, having healthy snacks at your fingertips are essential when your stomach starts to rumble. If you don’t have quick, nutritious options on hand, like dried fruit and nuts, or gourmet biltong, you may be tempted to swing through the drive-through. Buuuut, it won’t hurt to sometimes have a bar of emergency chocolate for someone in desperate need of some sugar! Our scrumptious chocolate and nougat (in all the sizes they could need), would make the yummiest (occasional) addition to any bag.

One of the best things about cold weather is the hot drinks! Nothing warms the soul like a hot beverage. That’s why keeping a few bags of your favourite tea or coffee in your purse during the winter is a must! Not only does hot tea keep you warm, but there are also tons of teas out there that are both good for your immune system and can soothe a sore throat. Of course, staying hydrated with water is also important and you should never leave your house without it! A good quality BPO-free water bottle is essential for keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day. Just be sure to get a few since you’ll quickly realize how convenient it is to have these bag essentials on hand!

Personalised Water BottleToni Glass Infused Tea GiftPersonalised Lindt Chcoolates

‘Wrap’ Them In Warmth

Scarves are a winter staple in our handbags and have come to the rescue on many occasions. Been rained upon and your hair is a frizzy mess? They’ll know what to do. They might forget about them if they don’t normally wear them… but if they are in their handbag, they can just pop them on. It’ll help keep them a bit warmer when they’re out and about. And the best bit? Whether they’re into floral scarf prints, or silky types – we think it all looks pretty darn stylish. Whether their look is casual, trendy, or classic, they can dress these up, down, or sideways!

Last but not least! How dreadful is it to step in a rainy puddle, wet your socks, toes, and basically ruin your day? Getting a spare pair of warm socks in their bag is a great and quick way to warm their toes (and heart!) You can even personalise it for that extra bit of heart-warming they need. Before they know it, stepping in a puddle will no longer put a damper on their day!

Silk Scarf GiftPatterned Scarf GiftPersonalised Socks Set

It’s true, nothing beats a practical present. And, bags in all their forms, are no exception to the rule. So, what’s in their bag? This winter, warm their hearts by preparing them for anything the season brings their way. What are you waiting for? Get those perfect presents in the ‘bag’, right now!

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