A Special Mother’s Day – Celebrating All Mothers

For most, life began the moment we opened our eyes and were loved by our mother, and for some, it began the moment we were loved dearly by a devoted mother figure. This Mother’s Day, NetFlorist has Mother’s Day gifts for every kind of mother, and whether she’s a devoted wife, a wonderful new mother, an amazing grandmother or a marvellous mother-in-law, we have just the right Mother’s Day gift for her!

FOR A New Mom


A newborn child is an anchor that holds a dear mother to life. For a new mother, this feeling is an experience that deserves celebrating. From the sleepless nights to the endless days, spoil a new mom with an incredible assortment of Mother’s Day gifts for her! Whether her pregnancy was planned, medically coaxed or a wonderful surprise, NetFlorist has a wonderful variety of Mother’s Day gifts for new moms. For their little bundle of joy, we have a personalised Mother’s Day boy onesie which will provide remarkable comfort for her little prince, and for her little princess, we have a personalised Mother’s Day girl onesie that will tuck her in an embrace that is reminiscent of her mother’s love.

A new mom also deserves to be pampered, so explore our extensive range of Mother’s Day gifts for her! NetFlorist understands that a mother’s joy begins when a precious new life is discovered and the first cry of her newborn reminds her that she will never be alone. Wrap her in the warm embrace of a personalised gown and bath hamper, or make her day with the luxurious experience of a back, neck and shoulder massage. For a mother with a love for outdoor living, celebrate her new role as a mom with a heavenly picnic basket or just sweeten her day with the sensuous sensation of our cerise and pink rose arrangement!

For YOUR Wife

Melt the heart of a wonderful woman in your life. Whether she’s your wife or their mom, we have an amazing range of Mother’s Day gifts for your wife. A person’s success is measured by the size of the smile on his wife’s face. Be their smile keeper with the worldly experience of our Mangwanani Royal African night spa and let her luxuriate in unsurpassed comfort. Caress her taste buds with one of our exquisite Mother’s Day chocolate, such as our personalised Mother’s Day chocolate tray with boasts a delectable assortment of chocolate treats. For something as sweet as her heart and as unforgettable as her smile, get her a gift set in the form of our sparkling white wine ice bucket. Filled with a heavenly array of Mother’s Day treats, this gift set features a bottle of JC Le Roux La Vallee, accompanied by a divine variety of Ferrero Roche chocolate balls.

A wonderful wife is one whose heart is filled with endless love and affection, so spoil her with wonderful Mother’s Day flowers that are reminiscent of that amazing feeling. Treat her to a spectacular assortment of roses in the form of our endless love rose vase. These incredible flowers feature 25 red roses which are reminiscent of love and affection, 25 pink roses which convey elegant femininity, 25 lilac roses which represent feelings of devotion and 25 cream roses which symbolise divinity and grace. This breathtaking arrangement of 100 roses is sure to give her a well-deserved ‘happy Mother’s Day.’


For Mother’s Day 2019, NetFlorist also have an extensive variety of Mother’s Day gifts for the woman with ears that always listen, arms that are always open, and a love that’s never ending. For her heart of gold, spoil her with a wonderful cooking and baking experience by surprising her with a wonderful Grandma apron and give her a reason to be in the kitchen this Mother’s Day. Our Mother’s Day gifts for grandma include anything from the most naturally beautiful such as our Mother’s Day radiant sunset blooms, to the delectably indulgent like our personalised mother hat box.

The only rule in a happy home is, “If grandma says you can have it, then it’s fine!” We have Mother’s Day gifts that will say “thank you” for always taking your side, because the NetFlorist bunch know that whenever grandma says “Yes”, no one can ever say “No”. For her strength and kindness, NetFlorist offers hot air balloon rides that will take her on a serene adventure of the African skyline. For a truly special Mother’s Day, let Grandma luxuriate in the panoramic views of the breathtaking African landscape!

FOR YOUR Mother-in-law


At NetFlorist, we believe that a spouse who treats you like royalty was raised in the arms of a queen. A wonderful mother-in-law doubles the joy of having a mother, so for raising the one you cherish most, we have Mother’s Day gifts that she’ll hold most dear. A wonderful spouse is only as amazing as the woman who raised them, so for her kind heart and understanding, we have a sensuous variety of Mother’s Day gifts for your mother-in-law!

If you’re looking for something that will express how sweet she truly is, say “thank you” with our Lindt chocolate delight which is filled with a variety of Lindt chocolate slabs. This wondrous chocolate gift set includes exquisite hazelnut chocolate, delectable mousse chocolate and a heavenly sensation of Lindt chocolate balls. For being both a mother and a friend, give her the best of both worlds with a Mother’s Day edible bouquet. Presented in a beautiful display that resembles a gorgeous bouquet, our incredible edibles feature an amazing assortment of Irish cream Lindt chocolate delights. More than anything this Mother’s Day, she deserves to be celebrated for playing a part in your happily-ever-after.

Treat her to an exotic display in the form of Mother’s Day pink orchid blooms, which represent love, beauty and feminine strength. You can also spoil her with a spa body experience or you can give her a reason to enjoy her favourite coffee and tea with a wonderful  tea set. Whatever Mother’s Day gift you spoil her with, always remember to make her feel as special as the child she raised!

With NetFlorist, Mother’s Day South Africa is not just for celebrating mothers, but we’re shining a light on wonderful mother figures who have taken the role of a mother, a friend and everything in between. This Mother’s Day 2019, you can order Mother’s Day cakes for your aunt, Mother’s Day flowers for your sister, or even Mother’s day plants for your nanny. For NetFlorist, a mother is any woman who raised you well, loved you wholeheartedly, and cared for you more than anyone will ever know!

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