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When it comes to the perfect Mother’s Day gift, it shouldn’t just say ‘happy Mother’s Day’, it should also be a heartfelt ‘thank you’ for the purest love that you’ll ever know. From the moment she held your hand, your Mom had held your heart as well. She drove you to school while you drove her insane, she wiped your nose and she wiped your tears, and most importantly, she loved you first, and she’ll love you always.

This year, Mother’s Day South Africa falls on the 12th of May, and at NetFlorist, we have the most amazing Mother’s Day gifts for mommy dearest! Let’s face it, some of our mothers are impossible to gift, especially when they’re expecting it. That’s why we’ve decided to give you the earliest Mother’s Day gift ideas that will ensure that she’s pleasantly surprised and wholeheartedly delighted!

Flowers & Plants


The simplest gift is the one that warms her heart the most; explore our radiant allure of Mother’s Day flowers and find a bouquet or vase that will fill her home with the love that she deserves! When it comes to the best Mother’s Day gifts online, the flower fairies at NetFlorist ensure that you have the perfect Mother’s Day blooms that can warm the heart of the woman who has held your heart for as long as you’ve known her. Whether you’re sending stunning mixed roses which offer a promise of adventure wrapped in elegance, or a lush array of tulips which convey pure love, and are reminiscent of a mother’s affection, we have different types of flowers for different types of mothers. Let the flower fairies enchant you with a magical array of flowers for Mother’s Day; from stunning sunflower vases with a personal touch to wonderful peach roses with a fantastic charm, you can make Mother’s Day 2019 a time like no other for a truly precious Mother!

For all the precious moments you’ll never forget, make it a memorable Mother’s Day to remember. If you’re looking for a gift for the Mom with a green thumb, we have a range of Mother’s Day plants that will brighten her day. Send Mom a lovely box of herbs and show her the greener side of nature or indulge her with a Mother’s Day rose bush, filled with a wonderful selection of nature’s bountiful beauty. At NetFlorist, we understand that there is an endearing tenderness in the unconditional love between a mother and her child, so a gift picked from the depths of nature will definitely put a smile on her face.

Bath and Body Essentials


The older you grow, you realise that there isn’t a more supportive best friend than your mother. Our bath and body products boast a combination of everything she loves and everything that will make her feel like the complete woman she truly is. From the distinct fragrance of our sensuous scented candles which would adorn her bathroom and caress her soul to our breathtaking array of Vintage Rose body care hampers, there’s nothing more amazing than a Mother’s Day gift that will make her smile. For a mother with an affinity for the finer things, our stunning selection of Charlotte Rhys body care essentials will create a sophisticated and luxurious bath, body and lifestyle experience. A mother’s love lasts long after she lets go, so embrace her right back with a wondrous touch of our Charlotte Rhys soap hamper, which will nourish her skin with a soothing body care experience immersed in luxury.

Pamper the mother who made bath-time a treasurable experience with our body exfoliating array of bath-time essentials. From the warm touch of our succulent array of Charlotte Rhys gift hampers to the tender embrace of our amazing personalised gowns that would warm her skin and make her feel as wonderful as the life she gave you!


From overlooking the breathtaking African skyline to taking a tour around the Mother City and exploring the uncharted beauties that make up our rainbow nation; awaken her love of adventure and delight your loving Mom with an experience of a lifetime! Give mother dearest the best Mother’s Day experience, and at NetFlorist, we have the most rewarding Mother’s Day experiences for any mother. If she has an unfulfilled love for unforgettable outdoor experiences, you can take her skydiving and let our airborne experts indulge her with a fun-filled one-of-a-kind experience. From bus tours around the Mother City, to soul-enriching yoga classes, our outdoor Mother’s Day experiences ensure an environment of unsurpassed fun and guaranteed safety!

But, not all our mothers have a love for the outdoor experiences. In fact, if your mother prefers to kick back and relax (or in other words, she just wants to be left alone with the remote), we have a special Mother’s Day experience for her as well! NetFlorist boasts an incredible variety of indoor Mother’s Day experiences that are reminiscent of a mother’s comforting arms. Hold her hand and let her luxuriate in an environment of total relaxation; treat her to the blissful serenity of a back, neck and shoulder massage. A mother that has the entire world on her shoulders deserves the best that the world has to offer. We have a variety of spa treatments and wonderful flowerscape journeys to pick and choose from, so the next time Mom complains that she never gets to relax; you’re spoilt for choice in the many ways that you can prove her wrong!

Bakery Treats

For the woman that has filled your tummy with savoury indulgences, delight her with a gift that will caress her taste buds just as well. At NetFlorist, we know that no baked treat, or cake will ever come close to the ones that were made with a mother’s love. Inspired by the heartwarming sweetness of a mother’s affection, our Mother’s Day bakery treats come really close! Indulge her in the warm and sensuous array of Mother’s Day cakes and personalise them with her name, or a unique message as you wish. For Mother’s Day 2019, NetFlorist boasts an incredible selection of Mother’s Day special treats made just for Mom! You can browse through our phenomenal array of Mother’s Day cupcakes, which are allayed with thick and savoury cream toppings, and drizzled in the sweet delicacy of sugary sprinkles. From our marvelous variety of cookie tins, to wonderful selection of cupcake jars, let NetFlorist be your one-stop online bakery shop so you can sweeten your Mother’s day!

Personalised Gifts

If you’re looking for the best Mother’s Day gifts online, look no further than our amazing range of personalised Mother’s Day gifts from NetFlorist. A special mother deserves a special Mother’s Day gift. Is your mother the centre of your universe? Do you want to make her feel as special as she truly is? Our personalised gifts range from personalised clothing, personalised mugs as well as personalised wine and chocolate gifts. With NetFlorist, you can order Mother’s Day gifts online today and put her name on it. Yes, it’s that simple! If you’re exploring Mother’s Day flowers and Mother’s Day plants; personalise them with either a personalised photo vase or a personalised name tag. Fill her garden with a Mother’s Day gift that will be as unique to her as she is to you. Nothing says “happy Mother’s Day” than a gift that makes a special Mom feel as special as her children see her. From exquisite home décor gifts that will imbue the home with an unsurpassed beauty to lovely homeware essentials to brighten her kitchen, the personalised gifting possibilities are endless this Mother’s Day 2019.

Surprise your Mom or Mother figure with an unforgettable Mother’s Day gift from South Africa’s largest sameday gift delivery service. If you’re shopping on a budget, don’t worry, we have a wide range of Mother’s Day gifts under R199, under R399 and under R499! Shop with NetFlorist this Mother’s Day because as an admirer of Moms everywhere, NetFlorist knows that all the love in the world begins and ends with a wonderful Mother!

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