Notebook Day – A Noteworthy Gift Guide

There’s something special about a gift that chronicles the most important moments in a person’s life. Whether it’s a photograph that reflects the moments that take your breath away, or a notebook that acts as a testament to the life you’ve lived as well as a reminder of everything the future holds. On that ‘note’, the NetFlorist bunch did not prepare a notebook gift guide just for the puns, but on an unrelated ‘note’, if you’re looking for stationery gifts of ‘note’, NetFlorist has an extensive variety of ‘noteworthy’ stationery essentials!

For a ‘note-able’ Notebook Day, you will ‘note-ice’ that we have notebook gift ideas for him as well as notebook gift ideas for her. Puns ‘note’ funny anymore? We’ll stop… This year, Notebook Day 2019 falls on the 16th of May, and if you’re looking for a magical variety of stationery gift ideas, look no further than this ‘noteworthy’ gift guide from the gifting fairies of NetFlorist!


For Him

Personalised Get It Done Notebook

Help him start his day on the right ‘note’ with something from our amazing variety of personalised notebooks! This Personalised Get It Done Notebook features unique text which lets the world know that he gets things done. Boasting a sleek and simplistic design, this is a phenomenal corporate gift that will make the day of a co-worker! For a hardworking loved one, send a stationery gift that will remind them that nothing in this world can take the place of persistence!

Personalised Focus Notebook

Remind him that it’s important to focus on the possibility of success, and not on the potential for failure. If you’re looking for a way to remind someone special that they are capable of success, the NetFlorist bunch have just the perfect notebook. This Personalised Focus Notebook is phenomenally branded with an inspirational cover design which is set against the backdrop of an African sky, and succinctly conveys the untamed beauty and diversity of African wildlife. Ignite a fire in the heart of a loved one with a notebook that will remind them that all they have to do to get everything their heart desires, is ‘Focus!’

Personalised Vintage Africa Note Set

There are no limits to what he can accomplish, so there shouldn’t be a limit to what helps him get there! This extraordinary Personalised Vintage Africa Note Set features a minimalistic design and appeal for a loved one born with their heart on their sleeve and a fire in the heart. If you’re looking for the most amazing stationary gifts with a personal touch, this exceptional note set boasts a fantastic array of stationery essentials which include a weekly planner, a flip cover, a mouse pad and a notebook!

‘Note-able’ Mentions:

These days, a notebook is not a document with which to write your deepest, darkest secrets (or it could be, wink wink!), it helps you put your heart’s desires into words. If they’re looking for a way to plan for the future and be a step closer to their dreams, NetFlorist has the most amazing range of personalised notebooks. Whether it’s the simplistic allure of this Personalised Water Colour Note Set, which features a playful water colour design that will inspire a loved one to follow their bliss. Alternatively, you can help them find the calm in the chaos with our Personalised Reflect Notebook. Featuring a visionary backdrop, this extraordinary notebook is perfect for a loved one who needs to pause, and reflect, because at NetFlorist, life is a reflection of everything we wish it to be!


For Her

Personalised Peony Notebook

Note to self: Let someone special jot down their thoughts and feelings in style! For NetFlorist, memories are special moments that tell our story and remind us that we’re alive. Make their story as beautiful as the person living it with this Personalised Peony Notebook! The best thing about memories is making them, so if she’s a person who enjoys documenting her experiences, give her a stationery gift that will help her look back on the moments that take her breath away. Exceptionally designed and masterfully crafted, this notebook consists of a peony design which symbolises romance, prosperity, good fortune and compassion. With this amazing peony notebook with a personal touch, you can ensure that the special moments of today are the wonderful memories of tomorrow!

Personalised Office Queen Take Note Set

There’s no gift worth giving than one that’s perfect for the queen of your heart! Reminiscent of a lovely woman’s journey from rags to riches, this Personalised Office Queen Take Note Set features an incredible array of desk essentials, such as a flip cover, a notebook, a mouse pad, and a weekly planner. Elegantly decorated, and phenomenally personalised, each stationery essential that is in her desk set is an extension of her commitment to excellence, her intelligent planning as well as her focused effort. A working woman of industry deserves an incredible gift of royalty!

Personalised Floral Wreath Take Note Set

Tug at her heartstrings with a stationery gift that will make her day. This fantastic Personalised Floral Wreath Take Note Set features a design which inspires profound feelings of joy. A floral wreath conveys an unending circle of life, so if you’re looking for a gift that inspires hope for the future, this tremendous note set boasts a colourful and sensuous design which is reminiscent of a loved one’s desire to succeed!

‘Note-able’ mentions:

If you’re looking for the most incredible personalised stationery online, a great gift is only as great as the person who’s receiving it. At NetFlorist, crowns aren’t made of rhinestones, they are made of discipline, determination, and a courage. Spoil the woman who exudes royalty with this Personalised Queen Bee Note Set, which features a minimalistic design that is reminiscent of her humility. You can also make her day with the Personalised Tropical Notebook which will be an instrument of her escape, or captivate the boss lady with a Personalised Boss Lady Notebook for a woman with a will to lead and a determination to succeed!

This Notebook Day, whether they are recording notes, writing, drawing or scrapbooking, make it a personal experience that will mean more than anyone would ever know. Let South Africa’s largest sameday gift delivery service be your one-stop online gifting store and help them start or end their day with a plan!

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