A rose by any other colour would smell as sweet

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Beautiful black roses available online from NetFlorist

You don’t need to have a deep and abiding love of gothic novels or fantasise about being turned into a vampire by Damon Salvatore or admit to your childhood obsession over David Boreanaz in Angel, to bask in the dark, hypnotic power of NetFlorist’s black roses. These amazing black roses aren’t like the other black roses on the market, they aren’t really dark red ones or deep maroon no these roses are black as night or ravens wing – giving a certain Edgar Allen Poe quality to any event or occasion.

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Traditionally a black rose was more of an incredibly deep, dark red, maroon or purple but not anymore; NetFlorist officially has honest to goodness  fresh cut black roses that last and when we say last they really last. These amazing roses can last for up to 6 months. 6 months! Isn’t that incredible? And they don’t really require a lot of maintenance you don’t really need to change the water – in fact from what we’ve heard you don’t even need to put them in water- they’re almost like a pet rock only better.

Send buy & deliver black roses
Beautiful black roses available online from NetFlorist

There are so many incredible things that you could do with an arrangement of black roses, you could set the scene at a sophisticated even soiree and candle lit supper over Halloween or you could include them in your bridal bouquet, the possibilities are endless the black roses can even be used to decorate your wedding cake.

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And black roses are not macabre, they are the epitome of style and class – just like that 90’s T.V show the Nanny.

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Think about it what is your go to little dress when you want to appear sophisticated and elegant? Your L.B.D, and when your friends throw an extravaganza what is the theme that always accompanies the evening’s festivities? Black tie, and what is the colour that women love to wear when they want to appear slimmer than they are? Black; so you see it is simply the nature of the world black is the go to colour for men and women everywhere. Why should roses not be able to enjoy the elite limelight and popularity that the colour black brings?

Send buy & deliver black roses
Beautiful black roses available online from NetFlorist

We have decided to take up the course and make black roses the colour of choice, the colour of the language of love and desire which isn’t that difficult to do in all those bodice rippers and gothic love stories there is almost always an element of sinister undertones in the love and lusty adventures of the hero and heroine. So basically what we are telling you in no uncertain terms is that you should buy black roses and declare your undying love with NetFlorist’s “Say it with 6” black rose arrangement.

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