Assume the Positions for winter…

Rambling’s guide to surviving dreadful weather with NetGifts:

It is a sad fact of life that summer must come to an end and we need to face up to 6 months of winter, electric blankets, jerseys, hats and scarves even though living the life of eternal sunshine, South Africa does sometimes get a little chilly and we do cover up and snuggle under duvet’s near fires on the odd occasion; the odd occasion coming sooner rather than later here in Johannesburg send we seem to have borrowed the weather from London town and are in a permanent state of damp squibbiness which has led us here at Rambling Rose and NetFlorist to cover up, snuggle down and keep warm. If you are in the greater Johannesburg area and are feeling a little clamp and dammy how are you shaking off the chill of this truly miserable weather? At the moment the girls and I in the office are enjoying a mid- morning snack of freshly microwaved popcorn all steaming and warm – perfect way to shed these pre-winter rainy blues.


Baby its cold outside:

Other ways that you could keep warm of course include snuggling up on the sofa with a delicious cup of hot cocoa and your favourite human and fur baby while the rain taps at your window… unfortunately it’s not really a weekend and you may have to drag yourself out in to the rain and go to work unless of course you are lucky enough to not have to go in to work in which case you should take one for the team and stay right where you are, snuggle deeper in to your beautiful fluffy personalized dressing gown that arrived from NetGifts just yesterday. And of course no lazy snuggle duvet day would be complete without tonnes of chocolate; liquid and solid and a warm beverage of sorts on tap. This can be easily arranged with a le Creuset gift set of  Le Crueset mugs and selection of Ferrero Roche chocs.

Even though we love summer and adore the sunshine there is a certain benefit to the colder seasons, like soups, stews and casseroles all full of meaty warmth which just makes us ever so glad. Sitting down to dinner of a delicious pot pie or a thick mutton stew with rice

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all baked in a beautiful casserole dish for yep you guessed it Le Crueset…

Winter really doesn’t get better than that. Well except for the lazy Sunday mornings spent snuggled in bed with the paper and sitting in a spot of warm winter sun enjoying a good book or playing with a kitten should you have a kitten to play with.

Please let us know how you spend the wintery/ cooler months. We love hearing from you.

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