Celebrate Human Right’s Day with NetFlorist & Rambling Rose

Rambling Rose and Heritage Day:

People all over the world enjoy a get out of jail free card – although in this case we’re talking about a get out of work for a day, not annual leave, not sick leave and certainly NOT unpaid leave. We’re talking about the coveted public holidays; those days when you can lie in bed without a fever, broken leg or flesh eating virus and not have the guilt eat you up like a fattie falling on the complimentary buffet at a gentleman’s club.

Celebrating a Public holiday?

Traditionally when celebrating an occasion or a day that deserves a mandatory holiday or a special colour on your calendar gifts and keep sakes should be presented. Whether you are taking a bottle of wine to a lunch date or if your mother in law is coming to stay for the long weekend you will need to present her with a beautiful bouquet of flowers or bribe her with a box of chocolates – you could even bribe her with a bottle of famous grouse and hopefully she’d spend the weekend dozing in a lawn chair like a sozzled English explorer. But we’re sure your mother-in-law isn’t that bad.

Human Rights Day: We shall Remember them.

Just like the rest of the country and NetFlorist will be enjoying a day off, spending time with our families, friends basking in the sunny skies that have once again returned to our atmosphere. You may enjoy a braai and if the weather isn’t too autumnal or your pool too green you may even enjoy a dip in the pool to cool your jets and get your dogs all worked up. If you are like one of our team members and a little fuzzy on the particulars of human rights day or you get them confused with Soweto Uprising in June just remember that March 21 is Human Rights not in June as our creatively minded copywriter did.  This is a day that is celebrated internationally by the UN as the day for the elimination of racial discrimination, but here in South Africa we observe and remember the events that took place in Sharpeville in1960.

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