Amazing Boss’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Type of Boss

A white mug written Boss's Day

We simply can’t deny the positive impact our managers have on our careers and in our lives too! Every boss has a different leadership style or a personality trait that they are loved for in the office. With Boss’s Day 2021 being celebrated on 15 October, NetFlorist has created an amazing list of gifts that would best suit every type of superior. So, there’s absolutely no reason to be at a loss for Boss Day gift ideas.

Motivational Manager

If there was an award for best pep-talker, this boss would be the reigning champ. They know what to say when the chips are down and how to rally up the team for an exciting project. They’ve lifted your spirit so it’s time you lift theirs with our selection of palatable Boss’s Day alcohol, like a bottle of champagne for her or a bottle of whiskey for him. They have always cheered you on so take this opportunity to say thanks!

Coffee-loving CEO

Anybody up for coffee? The infamous question they ask you every morning. Can their day even start without their favourite cup of joe? Well luckily for you, NetFlorist has a ‘heap’ of items your boss would love a ‘latte’, like a ‘mug’-nificent personalised mug available for delivery. Or a ‘cuppa’ flowers in a mug for Boss’s Day which is available for sameday delivery. Plus, your CEO can reuse the mug for their morning pick-me-up drink.

Flowers in a white mug for boss's day

Best Dressed Director

Are you at the office or at the latest red-carpet event? Who knows, but presentation is everything to your boss. Whether they’re attending staff meetings or making a great first impression with investors, this boss never misses. We think a classy personalised pen as a Boss’s day gift is a ‘notable’ way to say they’re a stylish boss. Or you can buy a Boss’s Day scarf gift set or a sock gift set available for nationwide delivery as a fun way to ‘address’ how much they inspire you.

Laid-back Leader

You’re probably on a first-name basis with them because the ‘B-word’ isn’t their style. They’re the go-to person to have fruitful chats about your naughty 3-year-old or how to kickass at your job. We think the best Boss’s Day gift to give them is a personalised doughnut box with the words, ‘thank you’ or ‘the best’ because they make being at the office an absolute ‘treat’.

Doughnuts for Boss Day

Tech Savvy Supervisor

They’re always geared with the latest gadgets and are absolute pros at using multiple devices, at the same time too! You’d swear you’re at a tech support station with their computer screens, laptop, tablet and cellphone all scattered across their desk. Much like their ninja multi-tasking skills, they know how to manage a big team very well. We recommend you buy them a gadget gift for Boss Day, like one of our top-notch powerbanks available online. It is a smart way to thank them for taking ‘charge’. Or you can really impress them with a personalised desk fridge to show how ‘cool’ you think they are.

Personalised desk fridge gift

Buzzword Boss

Was it even a meeting if they didn’t drop a cliché phrase like ‘there’s no ‘I’ in team’ or ‘many hands make light work’? Well, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel when you know they will go bonkers for a new set of Boss’s Day stationery. Your boss’s office wall is plastered with a thousand motivational quotes and NetFlorist has the perfect collection of stationery that is ‘noteworthy’. You can also buy them a personalised gift for nationwide delivery that has their favourite quote to make it their best Boss’s Day gift ever!

Munching Manager

Snacking is synonymous with this type of supervisor. Your boss gives a new meaning to the phrase, ‘sticky fingers’ because their hands are always covered in chocolate or glued together from eating sweets. You can’t help but shake your head when your manager secretly tries to pull a pack of gummies out from their drawer. But, ‘chew’ can always count on them to spoil the staff to a delicious lunch outing during the week! Be a sweetie and get your boss a chocolate hamper for Boss’s Day or a box of biltong that comes with nifty cutting tools.

Wine & Biltong as a boss day gift idea

Captain Funny

Stand-up comedian or not, this boss sure knows how to entertain! They love sharing funny stories that have life lessons too because they know that’s the best way to get a message across. A personalised activewear item or personalised apparel as a gift for Boss’s Day from NetFlorist is a great way to thank your boss for all the fun ab workout sessions from laughing so much.

Personalised t-shirt for gym as a Boss's day gift

Best Boss Ever

Just like Boss Baby, this person was born to lead. This boss knows when to be serious and when to let loose. They’ve hand-picked each and every employee and have their best career growth potential in mind. They’re the crème de la crème of all bosses and deserve the whole nine yards. What better way to accompany their picnic basket or glass tile gift than with a personal Boss’s Day message. NetFlorist also has a gorgeous array of fresh flowers available to buy on our online store which would make for a ‘blooming’ good surprise.

Personalised Like A Boss Glass And Stone Tiles - Boss's Day Gift

Now that you’ve got a bunch of cool gift ideas you can get from NetFlorist you have no reason to show up empty-handed on Boss’s Day 15 October 2021. Gather your colleagues or go solo, but whatever you do, don’t forget to say thanks to your favourite boss!

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