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Photobooks and albums have always been one of the most treasured items in a family’s home. They are a wonderful way to cherish those special memories with the ones we hold close to our hearts! Whether it’s photos of mom at school, grandma and grandpa’s wedding day or of the children’s fist day at school, personalised photo albums are a wonderful way to preserve every moment. With a photobook at hand, your friends and family will be able to look back at those moments. Or, they can share it with others. But there are many other reasons to gift a photobook to friends, family or even yourself. Here are 5 reasons to get a photobook.

1) The Perfect Way To Hold Onto A Memory

One of the main reasons photobooks were created was so we could keep all of our memories safe! Whether it’s a photo of a precious new-born, Mom and Dad’s wedding anniversary gift, your family’s last holiday or even of your dog, a photobook keeps these memories safe from fading, tearing or accidentally being thrown away. Photobooks also make for wonderful gifts for special occasions, from engagement gifts to housewarming gifts. With a vinyl or leather photobook by their side, they can rest assured that all their memories that they’ve ‘captured’ will be safe and secure for years to come! And, what’s more, with an online photobook they can also keep all their photos together, in order of events or even mismatched – it’s completely up to them!

Romance Photobook Personalised Greeting Card Engagement Photobook

2) They Make Wonderful Presents

Any personalised gift would be special, but a photobook is a much more special gift. With the most important photos printed inside, and the name of the receiver, a gift could not get more precious! These soft or hardcover photobooks can be filled with engagement photos for a wonderful customised wedding gift, or filled with photos of a loved one from when they were a child to an adult, perfect as a birthday gift! And, a personalised photo frame can always be added to a photobook to make an amazing gift hamper! There really is no better way to keep their memories alive and in their hearts!

3) A Hard Copy To Keep Close  

Another advantage of a soft or hardcover photobook is that it is a great photo storage option, allowing your loved ones to keep all those memories close by, on their shelf, coffee table or even on their lap. This keeps their precious memories safe from hard drive crashes, accidental deleting (we’ve all been there) and theft. Afterall, no one is going to steal a photobook, except perhaps their mom when she’s feeling sentimental. Having a hard copy to keep close by is also a great way to share the images with anyone. They can share it with those who may struggle to see a computer or smart phone screen, like their grandparents. So, as you can see, a photobook is a really good home décor gift to ‘snap’ up, whether for yourself or for someone else!

Wedding photo book Photoframe Acrylic Block

4) Preserve Memories For Future Generations

Something else that makes photobooks special is that they can preserve photos for future generations. Kids, grandchildren and great-grandchildren can spend hours looking through those stunning photos, reminiscing about the good times. And, if that wasn’t enough, another advantage of our personalised photobooks is that they are easily transported, meaning your children, friends or family can share these photograph books with anyone, no matter where they are! Now that’s what we call having your ‘pic’ of gifting options, whether it’s a gift for kids or a gift for Mom!

5) Share Your Story

Speaking of future generations sharing memories, why not share your own story? Whether it’s a scrapbook or a printed photo album, there’s nothing better than being able to share your story! Show your baby album to your husband, or share your wedding photos with a friend or colleague to remember and celebrate all those special occasions! Don’t forget to send an album to a friend as a baby gift or a Mother’s or Father’s Day gift. And, no matter what, just be sure to choose a unique photobook design, so it really does stand out!

Wedding photo album Photo tile Printed photo album

Keep It Close To Your Heart

There are way more than 5 reasons to get a photobook for either yourself or someone special. Whether to share your own memories, as a corporate gift or an anniversary present for her or him, these photo albums are sure to hit the right note. And, remember, you can order the perfect photobook online to easily share those unique moments with new family members or friends.

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