4 Benefits Of Giving Gifts

Think back to a time when you gave someone a gift. Do you remember how it made you feel? Perhaps you felt giddy and excited after you sent someone special a Valentine’s Day gift or relieved if you sent an apology gift for something that happened. Regardless of the occasion, gifting has an amazing way of bringing positive emotions to light for both the sender and receiver. Besides the feel-good emotions, gifting also strengthens your relationships and can even help you live longer. But there’s more – here are 4 benefits of giving gifts that will make you want to send a present just because!

1. It Strengthens Your Relationships

One of the main reasons why we give gifts is to reinforce and strengthen the connection that we have with others. Small acts, like celebrating a friend with a thoughtful birthday present, or comforting a colleague with a get-well-soon gift when they are sick in bed, shows that you care and are invested in the relationship. As social beings, we thrive off bonding with others and the benefit of giving a gift is that it nurtures this connection. Although we can text and call each other, gifting will always be a timeless way to let someone know that you value them.

2. It Promotes Empathy

Finding the right gift to send takes time and effort. You have to consider what your gift recipient’s interests are, their age, as well as their likes and dislikes. By going through all these questions, you show an interest in their needs and wants, which is an act of empathy. For instance, if someone close to you lost someone dear to them, you won’t just send any random gift. Instead, you’ll send something meaningful that conveys your sympathy. Whenever we gift, we’re required to think about someone else and what will bring them joy or comfort. That’s where the compassion lies.

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3. It Boosts Your Mood

Ever wondered why you feel extra cheerful after sending a gift? It’s all in the endorphins! When you perform a random act of kindness, like helping someone, volunteering at a charity, or even sending a gift, your brain releases feel-good chemicals that boost your mood. Just think about the excitement that hangs in the air during the festive season. Of course, everyone is happy because they get to spend time with friends and family, but we also find joy in generosity, and that’s one of the reasons why we give Christmas presents to one another.

4. It Could Help You Live Longer

The last benefit of gifting is that it can help you live longer! As discussed in the previous point, gifting promotes happiness, and happiness reduces stress. A study by The University of Michigan shows that people who give more often have lowers levels of stress and blood pressure, which explains why it can lead to a longer life (Weisskoff, 2021). By simply choosing to brighten someone’s day with a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates, you can live a happier and more fulfilling life!

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We don’t know about you, but the benefits of gifting make us want to surprise someone today! There are so many good reasons to be a nice person, and whether you choose to do it through a hug, a meal, or a gift, there’s no doubt that it will benefit them and you. Next time you want to experience the benefits of gifting or want to do it just because, head over to NetFlorist for presents that are filled with meaning and joy.



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