8 Engagement Gift Ideas For Couples

A man kneeling down, proposing to a woman with a ring.

It’s the start of their happily ever after! Celebrating an engagement is such a joyous time. It’s the opportunity to spread even more love to the happy couple. Often, we have the perfect engagement gift ideas for one person… but maybe not the pair. This is a journey they will be taking together so it makes sense to spoil both of them! This gift guide is filled with sweets and treats they can enjoy as they get ready to make that big commitment. These spoils are perfect as an engagement party gift or as a way to send your love from afar. Here are our top engagement gift ideas for couples:


Personalised champagne and floral crate 1. Champagne Hamper

The question has been popped so help the love birds celebrate accordingly by popping a bottle of sparkling wine! Other than the wedding, there’s no better time to be sending them some alcoholic drinks, like champers. And it’s no biggie if they aren’t big drinkers because a bottle of non-alcoholic bubbly is just as festive. Our personal favourite is a champagne hamper that can be customised with a photo (this one comes with choccies and flowers which are an added bonus).


Personalised champagne flutes as engagement gift ideas2. Personalised Champagne Glasses 

The happy couple has a lot to say cheers to! We all know champagne tastes better when shared… and out of fun glasses too! A set of champagne flutes means they are always ready to share a toast to their future. This glassware set is extra special because it can be personalised with two names. You can also add the date of their engagement or their upcoming nuptials to make it a gift to remember.



Matching couples robes 3. Matching Bride And Groom Robes

Yes, they will be that couple but once they adorn these comfy clouds of luxury, they will wonder why you didn’t gift it sooner. These matching dressing gowns are perfect for those couples who enjoy a cosy night indoors snuggled-up together. Plus, it’s become a sort of tradition on the wedding day for the bride to get ready in a personalised gown. These forward-thinking engagement gift ideas will get them more and more excited for the big day every time they wear them.







An engagement greeting card with a diamond ring4. Engagement Greeting Card

The bride and groom will always want to remember this happy occasion and the people who celebrate it with them. What could be a more perfect gift than a greeting card! This one doesn’t only bear your well wishes inside, the front cover can also be customised with the happy couple’s names. It’s the inexpensive yet thoughtful gift that will be worthy of a prized place in their wedding scrapbook. FYI: this engagement greeting card comes with two cake slices!


Personalised wedding planner as engagement gift ideas5. A Wedding Planner

An engagement is the first stop on an epic journey leading up to the Big Day – their wedding but there’s a lot of planning that has to take place before then. Don’t let the couple’s happy moments get eclipsed by organisation anxiety, help them keep it all together with a custom wedding planner. No, not the person, a diary where they can keep all their thoughts, budgets and plans safe.



Red velvet cupcakes as engagement gift ideas 6. Engagement Cupcakes

There will be a lot of cakes and bakes in the newly engaged couple’s future so start off their engagement on a ‘sweet’ note with these engagement cupcakes. These deliciously moist red velvet cupcakes are decorated with edible toppers that have adorable messages. Because what’s better than sentiments they can eat? These confections of affection also make great treats for an engagement party.



Lavender plant 7. Lavender Plant

Are you at a complete loss as to what to spoil the happy lovebirds with? You can never go wrong with a meaningful gift that doubles as living décor. Lavender is a fragrant little shrub that symbolises love and devotion making it a wonderful engagement gift idea for a couple that is getting ready to express theirs. They can either keep it as an elegant houseplant or transfer it to the garden. Either way, it’s a wonderful reminder of how much their love has grown.


A box filled with chocolates and a congratulations balloon arrangement 8. An Edible Arrangement

Maybe what you need is a classic gift that says: “This is exciting and I am so happy for you two!” An edible arrangement is charming and celebratory enough to send to anyone. It could be for a mate from work who finally dropped the knee or a twice-removed cousin who you grew up with. Because all the engaged couple truly wants is to know that their union is surrounded with cheer and happiness!



And there you have it, our top 8 engagement gift ideas to send to a couple you know! Make the days leading to their wedding a joyous time filled with helpful planning tools and goodies to get them in the mood! The best part is that NetFlorist offers nationwide delivery, so you can share your sentiments from across the country. So, which gift caught your eye?

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