Pandora presents on just in time for the festive season

Just in case you thought it wasn’t possible, our site just got a whole lot more awesome; and just in time for Christmas too. Our merchandise team has been wracking their brains – which is like fracking but less harmful to our environment and only serves to help your relationships – to find more ways and gifts for you to spoil your girlfriend, wife or mother; which is why we now stock Pandora charms and chains.

If we were going to be unfair to the fair sex we would call all women magpies who are attracted by shiny baubles and pretty charms and who will go positively potty over the new addition to our site; Pandora charms and chains. However since we are a lovely site and not offensive or chauvinistic in the least we won’t be unfair to the fairer sex, instead, we will celebrate women and tell them just how much we love them by buying Pandora charms as gifts for the women in your life.

Pandora has a charm for every occasion; you can start someone on a lifelong journey of collecting the beautiful charms and get them a Happy Birthday charm set. Or if you are celebrating the birth of a baby girl or boy with a sweet charm set celebrating children; the perfect gift for first time mums or even the mums that are going through it for the 2nd, 3rd or 4th time – but you might just want to buy them a charm and not a new bracelet each time.

These beautiful silver and glass charms make the perfect present this festive season or if you would prefer you could use them as the perfect stocking fillers – they make a wonderful alternative to lumps of coal. Of course, they should only be given to people on the nice list; people on the naughty list should be given a set of nose hair trimmers or belly button lint removal kits.

We know that our site promises same day delivery around the country, but because these shiny trinkets and chains require a little extra organisation and coordination we can only deliver them to you or your loved one the next day – so just a little bit of forward thinking and planning might be needed on your part, our delivery vans (and their drivers this isn’t sleepy hollow you know) will take care of the rest.

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