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Free Rock with Rocking Roses for Rocktober

Rocktober – formally known as October celebrated annually and consists of 31 days of Awesome! Originally it was just a boring month towards the end of the year, but now it is celebrated by cool and awesome individuals; it is no wonder then that we, NetFlorist, decided to put our two cents in and offer an awesome free gift with purchase when our adoring public (aka you) brought a  beautiful bouquet of yellow roses.

Our super awesome gift with purchase was a hand-decorated rock, some with funny slogans, some with googley eyes and a personality of their own for you to love and care for tell your troubles to or to throw at someone if you need to take it out on someone should you be having a bad day.

We sent out 300 rocks to our major hubs and depots, including our H.Q. in Rivonia; we ran out of rock quickly, selling out in just 3 days and in a week for our other hubs in Durban and Pretoria.

Judges have deemed the Rocktober give-away a great success, as our social media went totally crazy with people asking where their rocks are and why hadn’t we drawn on more rocks. If we had known just how rocking our Rocktober would be would certainly have provided more rocks.

But since we are a florist, and not a landscaping company we will focus on delivering flowers and sharing smiles rather than sending rocks. We deliver flowers all over the country and even the world, and we promise to get your flowers delivered in one piece as soon as possible.

It doesn’t matter if you want to send someone a smile just because its Friday or if you are sending hugs and sympathy we promise you customer satisfaction guaranteed 100% and just like our flowers we deliver on our promises.












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