Kenyan Roses

 NetFlorist has always been a trendsetter and a trail blazer, blazing…well trails across the sky and telling the rest of the world what is hot and what is not; although very little is hot in the sky what with altitude and atmosphere but that’s not what we’re talking about here. We are talking about Kenyan Roses; these beautiful roses are rivaled only by the rare and exquisite Ethiopian Roses.

Bunch of Orange Kenyan Roses
Buy a Beautiful bunch of Orange Kenyan Roses from NetFlorist


Our  Kenyan roses are a breed apart, not only are they international award winners – they took second place in a horticultural fair in the Netherlands but they come in a variety of colours both rainbow tipped and solid buds of bold and beautiful colour they can promise up to eight buds on one stem, the  beautiful roses are all clustered together creating a more opulent look and feel in your living room or on your desk at work.

Mixed Kenyan Roses
Buy a Beautiful bouquet of Mixed Kenyan Roses


These beautiful roses, while slightly smaller than your average bud, though no less splendid and awe inspiring, are grown on the foot hills of Mount Kilimanjaro at an altitude of 2,856m which gives them a rare beauty with a natural hybrid colouring.


As everyone knows roses make the best presents, whether you need to cover your ass and apologise in a big way for letting the dog out or coming home drunk at 4 in the morning on a week day to forgetting your anniversary,  roses are there to act as a relationship band-aid and make everything alright again.


Of course roses can be used as the perfect gift for when you haven’t forgot an anniversary and you have brought the biggest, reddest bunch of roses that you can find. Or you can buy a large bunch of  cream roses and a bottle of Moet Chandon for your mother on her 50th birthday as they make the perfect gift- they really do they are beautiful and don’t last too long so the recipient won’t need to dust them or find a place to keep them and wheel them out on special occasions or when you come to visit like you do with that hideous reindeer jumper that your grandmother got you last Easter.

Kenyan Premium Roses
A beautiful bouquet of Premium Kenyan Roses from NetFlorist

Our Kenyan roses aren’t just a collection of small buds; no, we also have  Premium Kenyan Roses, these Kenyan roses have a larger bud and a stronger fragrance and will definitely be the most talked about feature of a room. They will also definitely act as a relationship embrocation and will make even the nastiest fight over the angle of the toilet seat a thing of the past.


All you need to do to get your grubby little paws (and remember we say that with love) on a bouquet of Kenyan Roses is to log on to the NetFlorist site, put “Kenyan Roses” into the search box, click “add to cart” and Presto! You can have a beautiful bouquet of Kenyan roses  delivered to your door – or someone else’s door (just make sure you know them and they know you or it could get “hawkward”)





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