Would You Rather Give 1 Person R1000 Or 100 People R10?

Give More, Get More

Should you spend more on fewer people; or less on more people? While most people might choose the first, here at NetFlorist, we prefer the latter. There are many reasons why you should give 100 people R10, rather than spending R1000 on a gift for 1 person. The most important reason is so you can share in the happiness of 100 people, rather than just 1. While everyone enjoys receiving a gift, science has proven that giving gifts can make us feel better about ourselves. And when you gift only one person, you only feel fulfilled for a short amount of time. But, by spoiling many more loved ones with a smaller gift, you’re increasing that feeling of satisfaction and you spend less on presents. And the more you gift others, the more generous you will become, and in turn, you’ll be a better person.

Improve Relationships

There are many benefits of gift-giving, one of which is that it can improve relationships. Giving gifts shows those who mean the most just how much you appreciate having them in your life. Which in turn, can improve your relationships, whether it’s your relationship with your mom, significant other, friend or colleague. Just think about how you feel when you receive a thoughtful gift. Don’t you want to pass that feeling along? Do so with magnificent Mother’s Day gifts, presents for a friend, festive gifts on a budget and even treats for kids. What’s more, by sending gifts to others, you’re more likely to receive more too. This promotes a feeling of trust, which makes your relationship with others that much more special. So, there really is no better way to create strong connections and bonds.

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The Psychology Behind It All

Why do we give gifts? The psychology behind gift-giving shows that there are many reasons. These include wanting to build relationships, to show love and gratitude and to strengthen bonds, among others. And if you spend R10 on 100 people, you can reap the benefits of gift-giving 100 times over. But of course, one of the biggest reasons we send gifts to people is for ourselves, because gifting makes us happy. In fact, studies conducted in 2008 showed that people are happier spending money on others than on themselves (Suttie and Marsh, 2010). Now imagine how blissful you’ll feel if you spoil 100 people!

But, Isn’t It About The Receiver?

Isn’t gift-giving all about the receiver? Well, the receiver’s gratitude when receiving gifts definitely impacts us, but it’s not only about the receiver or how much you spend on gifts. Studies have shown that receivers of gifts don’t prefer items that cost a lot. Instead, they prefer gifts that are catered to them. Whether it’s a scatter cushion in their favourite colour, or a personalised gift, these gifts release feel good chemicals, making them and you immensely happy. So, the age-old adage was right all along – it really is the thought that counts.

Experience Happiness

There are many reasons why spending less money buying more people gifts is a good idea. From making yourself feel good and giving yourself good karma, to building your relationships, this approach to gifting truly is a win-win. It helps you be a more generous gift-giver, be a better person, it gives you a confidence boost and will make those in your life (including yourself) much happier. And who knows, maybe being a little kinder can make the world a better place.

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