Women’s Day 2021 Gift Guide

“Where there is a woman, there is magic,” said the American playwright and poet Ntozake Shange. It’s the time of year again to celebrate the magic of women. Women’s Day is the powerful yearly reminder that together, women can achieve anything! Women’s Day 2021 is your opportunity to empower all the fabulous women around you! Moms, sisters, cousins, friends and partners; all these lovely ladies add something special to your life. Without them, life simply wouldn’t be the same. These gift ideas are a way to uplift them and let them know that you are in awe of everything they do.

The Women’s Day gift range is curated with all the top gifts. They are the sentiments that tell her you know she can do amazing things and you are right beside her to support her! Don’t forget about those hard-working ladies who break stigmas and mean business. NetFlorist has curated a whole range of Women’s Day gift ideas for employees and colleagues. We believe that no matter the title she might hold — from stay-at-home moms to entrepreneurs — she deserves to feel strong and celebrated on Women’s Day.

Floral Gifts

Women are often compared to flowers and we completely agree! Each female is beautiful in her own way, uniquely herself and blooms when she is ready. Even in a garden, we can appreciate each individual flower for its loveliness without having to compare it to the others! Our Women’s Day flowers contain some of the most charming picks of the season. But make sure she knows that these flowers are extra special by sending a bouquet that has a special message, like one that says, ‘You go, girl!’

Women's Day 2021 flower bouquet gifts

Women’s day flower bouquets aren’t the only floral gifts that will delight her. Our flower arrangements in a mug take two gifts and combine them into one unexpected present! These Women’s Day flower arrangements are bursting with colour and life! And best of all, the personalised mug will be a long-term reminder that she is appreciated.

Women's Day 2021 flower arrangement gifts

Some females may be flowers, delicate and graceful, while some might be plants, strong and resilient. If she is the latter, spoil her with something she can relate to like a plant gift for Women’s Day 2021! Orchids, tulips and even cute succulents make for stunning spoils. They can brighten up her space and some even come in a vase that can be personalised. That’s one way to say, ‘You ‘grow’, girl!’

Women's Day 2021 plant gifts

Something Delicious

Send her something that tantalises her taste buds and puts a smile on her face! NetFlorist has a range of delectable delights perfect to make her Women’s Day sweet. Our top pick will always be something from the Bakery, like some luxury doughnuts. These treats come in shareable portions so that you can delight multiple deserving ladies at once. Women’s Day falls on August 9 which means we are still in the grips of winter but who doesn’t love to indulge when it’s chilly outside? You can read more about our top selection of baked treats for winter here!

Women's Day 2021 bakery gifts

This is your year to honour the ladies in your life so take the opportunity to make a grand gesture with a Women’s Day picnic basket! This range of gifts comes filled with a top selection of goodies. It will become a cherished keepsake that she can enjoy using time and time again.

Women's Day 2021 picnic basket gifts

What women want today is the gift of choice; they want to be able to choose their careers, their families and how they live their lives… and even what snacks they get to munch on. Spoil that strong, decisive woman in your life with a choice of snacks from our gourmet range of Women’s Day hampers. There’s savoury biltong, melt-in-your-mouth chocolates and a fruit and nut selection to go nutty over! It’s the gift of choice that she will appreciate the most.

Women's Day 2021 gourmet gifts

Corporate Delights

It’s not only our female family and friends we should be honouring, let’s not forget about empowering those strong, capable women in the office. Spoil those She-E-Os, boss babes and hard-working ladies who help the business day run smoothly. Our selection of Women’s Day corporate gifts are the inspiring and thoughtful spoils that show that her hard work is appreciated. Our top employee gift ideas for Women’s Day would have to start with personalised stationery! These wonderful mementoes make for great gifts even if she is working from home at the moment. If the office is not together to celebrate Women’s Day, you can still find an appropriate gift from our must-have WFH gift selection.

Women's Day 2021 corporate gifts

Coffee is much like the hard-working women in the office — we couldn’t get through the day without it or them! But if that isn’t their cup of tea then what about… well, tea! A Women’s Day tea and coffee hamper might be the exact thing that she’d love to sip on to make her feel special!

Women's Day 2021 tea and coffee gift

Women today fill so many roles and they do it by staying connected. Whether she loves to listen to motivating podcasts on her way to work or is a social media queen, a gadget gift will help her stay on top of her game. From headphones to power banks and even personalised Cellphone covers, for Women’s Day 2021 treat her to the tools needed for success in today’s modern world!

Women's Day 2021 gadget gifts

While flowers and chocolates are always lovely and appreciated, we must remember that Women’s Day celebrations are more than just spoiling the females in our lives. These gifts are your reminder to those women around you that they are strong, worthy and capable. Take this one day to lift her up and watch her succeed for the next 364! That’s the magic of women.

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