What Your Favourite Treat Says About You

From biltong and baked treats to chocolate and candy jars, we all have something that tickles our taste buds in the right way. And with special occasions, like Chocolate Cake Day, Nougat Day and Valentine’s Day, coming up, there’s no better time to go to the ‘sweet’ side than right now! So, what does your favourite treat say about you (and how can you use it to become a gifting guru)? Take this food personality test to find out!

Bountiful Biltong And Droëwors

Wet or dry, salty or spicy, biltong and droëwors are a much-loved treat across South Africa. This really goes to show how much you must love your country if you can’t stop munching on these meaty snacks. If South African biltong really is your favourite, then why not spoil your loved ones (and yourself) with Halaal biltong hampers? And don’t forget, any true lover of our country will also adore an alcohol hamper (Melktert or Amarula, anyone?)! So be sure to go all out and treat yourself, friends and family to some biltong and droëwors baskets, tins or boxes – because, after all, local is lekker!

Alcohol gift What biltong says about you Biltong hamper

Best Baked Treats

If your food love language is baked treats (we totally agree) then you are probably someone who is sweet as pie on the inside, and of course, wholesome, empathetic and thoughtful. Freshly baked doughnuts, cupcakes, cookies in a tin or chocolate cake are all indulgences that are the perfect gift to give to yourself. But if you’re looking to spoil someone else, a cupcake in a jar or an eye-catching baked bouquet is an impressive gift that’s sure to sweeten their day!

Delicious Dried Fruit And Nuts

What if dried fruit and nuts are your go-to snack? If you’re absolutely ‘nuts’ about peanuts, cashews, macadamias, dried mangos, raisins and banana chips, it means you’re a health nut. Yes, that’s right – you’re the type of person who enjoys going for runs and wants snacks at the ready! But people who snack on these healthy nibbles are also calm and easy-going! Not that we blame you, there are few things as awesome as ready-made treats! And while you may want to indulge yourself and loved ones to decadent dried fruit and nut crates, tubes and tubs, don’t forget about personalised water bottles and activewear. These will keep them and you hydrated and comfortable (yet stylish) while on the move. No matter what you choose, these gifts are sure to be ‘fruit’ for thought!

Cookie Bouquet Chocolate Cake Nut Hamper

Classic Chocolate

Whether it’s white, milk or dark, chocolate is one of the most loved treats world-wide. Many of us consider ourselves to be chocoholics – but what does chocolate say about your personality? Well, other than you have good taste, it also means you’re excited about the future, excitable or a romantic at heart, all depending on which shade appeals to your taste buds, of course! So, if you have a fun, energetic and exciting loved one, be sure to ‘treat’ them to yummy chocolate hampers, chocolate cake and tantalising candy jars (that’s if you can resist the urge to spoil yourself instead)!

Bougee Booze

From craft beer and fine wine to sparkling champagne and potent liqueur, most people enjoy sipping on a glass of booze after a long week. But some enjoy it as a favourite treat too – after all, what could be better than a springbokkie or Sowetan toilet to help you kick back and relax? Or, what about a chilled glass of wine or Scott whiskey on ice to savour? But what does that say about you? People who enjoy alcohol as a favourite snack tend to be more outgoing, sociable, independent, confident and, of course, they love to party! So, if you or a loved one consider this your favourite treat, raise your glass and spoil them and yourself with alcohol gift boxes, personalised glasses and bar accessories!

Ferrero Rocher Gift Champagne Hamper Chocolate Gift

So, there you have it – everything your food preferences say about your personality! And now that you know yourself and your loved ones a little bit better, there’s no better time to sit back, relax and spoil them or yourself with gifts to munch or sip on!

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