Romantic Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day

A couple on a picnic date

Roses are red, violets are blue, we’re getting excited for Valentine’s Day 2023, and so should you! If there’s one special occasion that gets us all in our feels at NetFlorist, it definitely has to be Valentine’s Day. It’s a day filled with sweet messages, grand gestures and making the one you fancy feel loved and super special! What’s not to love about love? It’s an emotion that we all enjoy feeling and witnessing. So, take your celebrations up a notch this year by exploring these romantic date ideas for Valentine’s Day. Whether you want to keep it subtle and sexy or fun and exciting, we have some activities that will make this romantic day one to remember!

Sunsets & Picturesque Picnics

One thing about sunrises and sunsets is that they’re the ultimate moodsetters! Nothing warms the heart and pleases the eyes like the majestic African sun peaking above the mountains, resting over the safari or smiling at you from a good balcony vantage point. So, what better way to spark the romance than by planning a cute picnic date outdoors for your loved one? It’s one of the sweetest things to do on Valentine’s Day too! We have a range of exceptional picnic baskets that you can use to carry mouth-watering treats like, chocolates, biscuits, or dried fruit and nuts. We even have ‘deli’-cious charcuterie boards with cheese, croissants, lip-smacking spreads and preserves.

Up the ante and serenade your darling with heart-fluttering love songs or read them a heart-warming poem! They won’t help but blush and fan themselves at this romantic gesture. Another thing about sunsets is that they make the perfect backdrop for a beautiful photo! Whether you arrange for a professional photographer or take a snap yourself, be sure to capture this moment in a photo gift! Take your pick from our range of personalised Valentine’s Day gifts and add their picture on a mug, a notebook, a chocolate box, or any item you can imagine. Now that’s how you leave a lasting impression on your first Valentine’s Day date.

Cheese and Preserves Basket Picnic date for Valentine's DayPersonalised Photo frame Chocolate gift


Nibbles & A Naughty (or Nice) Night-in

Intimacy and Valentine’s Day are almost synonymous, and we can’t think of a more intimate Valentine’s Day date idea than a cosy night spent indoors! And no, we’re not suggesting you laze around and do nothing (you can do that on the other 364 days of the year). We’re talking Rom-Com movies, tasty treats and ending the night with a sensual massage (*wink wink*). We guarantee you that it can be a fun thing to do on Valentine’s Day. First things first, you need to decide if you’re going to rewatch the classic Pretty Woman movie or the Rom-Com, The Proposal. Or if you’re going to watch the latest offering from Netflix, Showmax or Disney+’s streaming platforms.

Next, ensure you have a scrumptious snack to nibble on (our cupcakes and dipped strawberries are a winner!) Take it a step further by getting your partner ready for the night by ordering a sexy pair of personalised satin pyjamas or a quirky jockey and sock set for delivery to their front door! And just before the lovely evening ends, surprise them with a sensual body massage with oils, finished off with a relaxing bubble bath! We have a range of bath and body products that can make this night truly magical!

Pajamas For Her Valentine's Day cupcakes Jock and Socks Biltong for him

Shake Things Up  

Another romantic date idea that is ‘bar’ far the most original to try is making a concoction of tantalising cocktails! It’s the perfect excuse to test that love potion on your special someone, so they only have ‘heart eyes’ for you! So, unlock the mixologist in them by recreating a refreshing cocktail recipe, like a strawberry daiquiri, cranberry margarita, red wine sangria or the classy cosmopolitan. We have remarkable alcohol gifts that will make this boozy affair a delight. In fact, why not ‘shake’ things up and drop hints before the date by sending them a personalised wine glass set or an ice bucket? That’s one way to give them good chills about the occasion!

If you really want to make this date to ‘dine’ for, you should cook up a scrumptious meal to enjoy with the drinks you made! Better yet, take inspiration from the Chopped and Master Chef shows and send them a gift packed with mystery food items and a chopping board. Then make an original meal together from scratch. Now that’s the way to their heart!

Chopping Board


And there you have it, the top 3 romantic date ideas for her and him! Valentine’s Day can be a cheesy-cute day or one out of this world. It’s all up to you and what your partner may be into. Just don’t drop the ball and think that a text will do when everyone is planning the perfect date to leave their sweetie pies speechless.  Who knows, you might get a kiss or find out your valentine is your soul mate! So go on and tap into your romantic side and bring the charm for Valentine’s Day.

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