What Your Favourite Gift Says About You!

Gifts, oh glorious gifts. No matter how old we are, there is something extra special about getting a beautifully wrapped (or not… crafty kids anyone?) present that is just for you. We all have a favourite gift! Luckily, the calendar year is full of occasions that require gift-giving. From birthdays to anniversaries, holidays, romantic milestones, and graduations… the list goes on. The tangible items we receive are reminders that we are loved, special, and understood. From fail-proof fresh flowers to great gadget gifts – different people appreciate different types of gifts! Some people like to receive practical gifts that fit right into their routines at home or the office. While others really just appreciate a present that makes them laugh, or fills their tummy!

Now it might not be a long-lost recipe page with your grandma’s legendary milk tart, written in her handwriting, but what makes gifts special is their sentimentality. Whether their love language is gift-giving or not, everyone has a favourite gift they’ve received. And, what’s better than receiving a meaningful gift? Giving one! What is your favourite gift you’ve ever given or received? Does a monogrammed mug make you weak at the knees? Or do you prefer to give something a little more, gourmet? It’s about whatever tickles your fancy after all. The gifts you buy for family and friends, (and what you appreciate getting from them) can say a lot about who you are!

Your Favourite Gift Is Stationery

The digital age was meant to put an end to paper – but all things stationery are still best-loved prezzies for givers and receivers alike. From the pure beauty of a pastel-hued notebook gift to the mental health benefits of using a journal set, there are plenty of reasons why people favour a stationery gift. But what does it say about you if stationery spoils tick all your boxes? If notepads, journals, and calendar gifts keep you on the calm, straight and narrow…

You’re a well-organised wonder (and maybe a tad OCD!)

There’s something about putting a posh Parker pen to paper that makes information, goals, and feelings that bit clearer. And, having your to-do list in front of you in a cool diary makes your objectives concrete. Plus, ticking them off feels so good. It fills you with childish glee you can only compare to back-to-school shopping as a kid. More so, you want to share this feeling with others, which is why it’s your fave to give too! If you’re all about keeping a low budget with your gifting whilst helping your loved ones shrink their to-do lists with a full stationery set, you won’t be able to get enough of our stationery and office gifts. Whether they’re a note-taking expert or just love staying organised, it’ll become their favourite gift too!

Parker Pen GiftDiary GiftStationery Desk Set

Your Favourite Gift Is Bath & Beauty

Taking a bubble bath is more than just about washing off the day-to-day grime from your body. The best bath and beauty gifts can turn the simple act into a luxurious experience. With the delicate, sweet scent of lavender and the mood-setting glow from a candle gift, it becomes pure indulgence. And who wouldn’t want to help their loved ones experience this too? So, what exactly does it say about you if you consider a plush gown a self-care staple? Or, if you swear by the much-needed dose of R&R that comes with a silk eye mask

You’re a caring, self-care queen (or king!)

The real beauty of bath and beauty gifts is that it doesn’t only help you feel your best. It encourages you to set time aside for yourself and to show yourself a bit of self-love; which is what it’s all about! So, when you take all your self-care wisdom, and gift someone a pamper prezzie, you’re really gifting them all those moments to themselves where they’ll pause and unwind! Does your favourite new mom desperately need some me-time? How about a spa-worthy towel set? And, who wouldn’t want to get that chic Charlotte Rhys gift, or fancy moisturising cream that they normally wouldn’t buy for themselves? Plus, these gifts are practical, too (you have to moisturise, people.) From self-care staples to carefully curated bath and body gift sets, these spoils are sure to become favourites of self-proclaimed beauty-enthusiasts, tired parents, and amateurs alike!

Eye Mask GiftPersonalised Gown Gift

Your Favourite Gift Is Personalised

Though you have to admit receiving any kind of present is a great feeling, there’s something that just hits differently with a personalised gift. Whether it’s dainty, encrusted birthstone charms, birth year flowers, or monogrammed mugs – all these personalisation ideas bring more meaning to an otherwise simple gift. So, whether you’re giving or receiving, what does it say about you if nothing beats a well-thought-out prezzie with meaning behind it? If added initials, names, or significant dates make your heart feel all warm and fuzzy…

You’re a sentimental sweetheart (and, maybe a bit of an ugly-crier, jokes!)

If your favourite gift is a personalised one, you know from first-hand experience that there are few gifts that make someone feel as loved and special. Luckily, there is no shortfall on ways that different gifts can be customised! From personalised chocolate boxes, to picture vases, and initialled custom wallets and purses. No matter how exactly a gift is personalised, they all have the ability to strike a meaningful cord, remind us of fond memories, and are truly one-of-a-kind.  It makes sense that you’d want to share the gifting experience with your loved ones! Whether it’s as small as a personalised card or as intricate as names engraved into achopping board, these gifts are sure to become cherished keepsakes for years to come.

Personalised Purse GiftPersonalised Greeting CardBirthstone Charm Jewellery


Your Favourite Gift Is Food & Alcohol

Don’t ever underestimate the power of food when it comes to gift-giving! With the best food gifts, you never get the wrong size or a clashing colour. Instead, you get a taste of indulgence and a happy belly—what more could you ask for? From the scrumptious joy of taking a bite from a yummy cupcake to the mouth-watering aroma of deli snacks, both gifters and receivers love food gifts for an abundance of reasons. So, what does it say about you if you have a love for all things delicious? If a quality wine and cheese pairing option makes you feel all ‘gouda’ inside…

You’re a lover of all the good stuff (and probably a little indulgent!)

For people who favour food gift ideas, the best kind of present is one that you can eat. It doesn’t only warm the tummy, it warms the heart too! So, of course you want to share this gift with the ones you love. Whether your foodie is a bonafide chef, a self-proclaimed restaurant critic, or just really, really loves to chow down, we have something for every type of gourmand. And don’t worry — no actual culinary skills are required. And, is there a more solid friendship than one that has been built around a common love of food? We think not. Whether it’s cheering along to a new episode of MasterChef together with a box of chocolates or sharing a glass of fine wine to celebrate a momentous occasion – our food and alcohol gifts make special experiences with loved ones better!

Cupcake GiftDeli Food GiftWine Duo Gift

Your Favourite Gift Is A Gadget

When you’re a kid, useful gifts are not the fave, to say the least. Sure, you needed that mouse pad, but you asked for a Barbie, or a remote-controlled car. But, things are different when you’re an adult. Practical gifts become pretty great. You get useful gadgets that improve your life without having to shell out your own hard-earned cash. From the lasting connectedness that comes with a power bank gift, to the convenience of a desk fridge – what does it say about you if gadgets make you feel em-‘powered’? If you appreciate the gifting value of a good pair of headphones

You’re a practical, productive, problem-solver!

Right now, when it’s more important than ever to stay connected, safe, and entertained, gadget gifts are problem solvers and time savers. These are the gizmos you might have bought for yourself but have, on multiple occasions, told yourself, ‘Meh, I’ll just deal without it.’ But these have become your favourite gifts because – things you’ll actually use are some of the most satisfying gifts you can give or receive! Luckily, we’ve got a selection of handy, productivity-increasing presents that you can gift to the pragmatic people in your life. Whether it’s a cellphone cover, a tablet cover gift, or even knives and tools, these favoured gadget gifts are guaranteed to get plenty of use!

Power Bank GiftPersonalised Cellphone Cover GiftPersonalised Headphones Gift

If you’re like us here at NetFlorist, you love giving gifts. In the social distancing of the pandemic, we’ve all probably sent and received a lot more gifts than usual to make up for not being there in person. It makes sense then, that whatever gifts have become your favourite during this time, can reveal a lot about who you are. And the kind of gifts you’re partial to giving! Whether you’re a queen of all things self-care, pragmatic problem-solver, indulgent gourmand, or organising wonder – NetFlorist has the best gift ideas for you!

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