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Starting a new job can be thrilling and terrifying at the same time. An employee may feel grateful and eager to contribute to the team. They might also be intimidated or overwhelmed by their new, unfamiliar setting and new co-workers. Despite the importance of the first few days, most employers and companies tend to overlook this occasion. To most, a welcome gift is merely a folder containing the important documents a recruit either needs to sign, study, or acknowledge. They move on with the basic process, losing the opportunity to create a positive first impression on their new employees. At NetFlorist, we understand that once you’ve hired a professional that is the right fit, the company should be doing everything they can to impress and retain employees. This starts from their first cup of coffee in the office. That being said, we’re quite s-‘mug’ about our welcoming gifts.

A Personalised Mug From NetFlorist

An employee welcome gift is an essential part of the employee onboarding process. It hugely affects the new hires’ perception of your company. And when you make a special effort to reach out with a gift, it helps to relieve a large portion of those first day jitters. It also makes them feel like they are part of the team. This leads to an increase in productivity from their end. Fostering a welcoming environment also helps retain talented professionals. This helps cut down costs that would otherwise be directed towards hiring and training new employees.

Fortunately, choosing a new employee welcome gift doesn’t have to be complicated. At NetFlorist, we welcome new members of the team with a personalised mug. Why a mug you may be wondering? Well, this functional and friendly gift has a relatively small cost, and yet it has a huge impact on the individual’s who receive them. If you’re looking for new employee gift ideas, why not encourage them to ‘fill’ their own cup, too?

NetFlorist a personalised mug for everyone. Just imagine how that new employee will feel when drinking from a mug chosen by you especially for them? It’s like a high-five from the company each morning and such a great start to their day.

Personalised Patterned Mug TubePersonalised Congratulations MugPersonalised Botanical Mug

Why A Mug As A Welcome Gift?

Nothing says ‘welcome’ like supplying an essential item for the workday. Without a doubt most people like to begin their day with a hot beverage and that hot beverage, whether coffee or tea, must go into a mug. The gift of a personalised mug says ‘Hey, take a breath and get yourself a cup of coffee. Then get to work!’

A recent survey revealed that 60% of people said that they had an emotional connection to their mug, and a further 40% said that they considered their mug to be irreplaceable. So, if it broke, they would be devastated. It’s a highly personal item (no one likes sharing their mug) and giving them to your team members appeals to them on a personal level, while providing them with something they will actually use during their workday.

A mug with their name shows hospitality, warmth, and acceptance. This could make a world of difference to an employee on their first day on the job. It can also be used as a workplace icebreaker, or conversation starter, for when new employees first enter the office. Many friendships are made amongst co-workers over a cup of coffee. A mug is a special way to motivate new employees to bond with their colleagues over a ‘cuppa’. And if you choose a travel mug, it will help them stay hydrated and ‘fuelled’ to work while they are on-the-go.

Personalised Message Travel MugPersonalised Name Travel MugPersonalised Crest Travel Mug

‘Mug’ Their Experience Great

As you can see, this is a way to show that you are excited for new employees to join your team while simultaneously communicating their value as a team member. When you start an employee’s journey with your company with a corporate gift, you set the standard for how employees are treated and valued.

Remember that your appreciation for employees shouldn’t stop at this. Show continual appreciation for your employees through thoughtful gifts, team-building, and being personally involved in their professional development. In the meantime, a mug is sure to come in handy when selecting the perfect gift for your new recruit.

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