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The benefits of corporate gifting are endless. According to statistics, approximately 80% of companies say that gifting plays a significant role in improving relationships with their clients and employees. Additionally, it can strengthen business relationships, boost your company’s corporate image, and improve employee retention and customer loyalty. The facts speak for themselves, an effective corporate gifting strategy can pave the way to reaching your objectives.

But, here’s the catch. If you want your corporate gifting strategy to be a success, you have to put some thought into the process. Otherwise, your gifts might just end up in the back of the cupboard! As South Africa’s largest gifting delivery service, we know a thing or two about choosing and sending the right gift. So, if your company wants to succeed at top-of-mind gifting, follow our lead with these tips.

Send Something Practical Yet Personal

Disposable corporate gifts or items that will easily be forgotten are a major no-go. The goal is to send a gift that your recipient will use every day or at least regularly because that’s how you stay top-of-mind. Practical corporate gift ideas include stationery items, mugs and water bottles. A gorgeous homeware present is also a timeless winner. If you want to elevate your gift even further, don’t be shy to add a touch of personalisation!

Your company’s logo or tagline can effectively be used to showcase your brand and boost its exposure. However, if your goal is to communicate to the gift recipient on a personal level, then consider personalising the present with their name or a special message. Research indicates that 55% of people keep personalised gifts for a longer time compared to generic or non-customised gifts. Personalised gifts are thus great for leaving a lasting impression on your client, customer, or employee, and will ensure they treasure them for longer.

Personalised Helix Oxford penPersonalised mugPersonalised water bottle

Add An Element Of Surprise To Your Gift

Most companies tend to send year-end gifts but forget about celebrating personal milestones and other special occasions. Surprising a client on their birthday, or celebrating an employee’s new bundle of joy with an unexpected gift is often more meaningful because these gifts are not simply an after-thought. Instead, it lets the recipient know that you value them.

A recent study shows that 94% of customers who received a surprise gift felt more positive about the respective brand. In return, these positive experiences spark brand interest, increase purchases, and strengthen loyalty. So, whether you want to spoil a customer on your client anniversary or thank employees for their hard work, a surprise reaffirms that you value them and guarantees that you stay top of mind.

Align Gifting With Your Brand Identity

Corporate gifting should be an extension of your brand. It should remind clients and customers why they buy from you. Similarly, it should remind employees why they love working for you! For instance, if your company is known for being sustainable, send a stunning plant or a nifty laptop bag that can be used for years. Gifts that stay true to the essence of your brand are not only more authentic but also reassure the gift recipient why they are loyal to you.

If generic gifting has been your company’s go-to strategy, hopefully, we have inspired you to go the extra mile and put some thought into your gifts. By making a few small, yet powerful, changes to your gifting approach, you’ll not only prevent your gifts from landing up in the back of the cupboard but, most importantly, increase your top-of-mind awareness.

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