Ways To Celebrate Emoji Day – Gift With A Smile

World Emoji Day is July 17- how fun! This is a day that makes ‘playing with their emotions’ acceptable and something that they will, in fact, be happy about. Why do we even have to celebrate Emoji Day? Emoji’s have become such a  big part of the way we communicate. It helps to make sending messages, whether it is text messages or comments on social media, faster and more fun. Emoji’s are like modern hieroglyphs and help to make the message clearer. Just like we send gifts to show our emotions, we send emoji’s in the place of emotions.

There are so many ways to celebrate Emoji Day this year, even if you cannot see them in person or have a big get together. NetFlorist has a variety of gifts available online that will make expressing your feelings to them just as easy as sending them an emoji. Get ready for a full day!

Eat Your ‘Emoji’s’


An easy way to celebrate Emoji Day is to treat them with an emoji themed snack. It is a day where eating your ‘feelings’ could be a good thing. Their day will certainly be brightened and so much sweeter with a box of ‘expressive’ donuts. One can also never go wrong with some cupcakes decorated with emoji’s!

For those who love to get creative and prefer to pull out the mixing bowls and chopping boards themselves, you can still help them celebrate. Gift them with some cool kitchen gadgets that will make them smile. Herbs planted in an emoji pot not only makes a ‘cool’ gift idea, but they can use it to add some flavour to their dish.  You can even get the little ones involved with a personalised emoji apron as a gift for kids.

Wearing Their ‘Heart’ On Their Sleeve


Another way to celebrate Emoji Day is to help them pick their outfit of the day! Send them a personalised T-Shirt that reflects what they are feeling. Since it is the day to bare your feelings, you can subtly flirt with your crush by wearing, or gifting them a T-shirt with a kissy face. Or, if they are experiencing a mid-year slump, a T-Shirt with a shrug emoji may be the gift to make a special someone smile. It is, after all, about smiles and happy faces this day.

Make sure they are covered in more ways than one, by dressing up their technology too. An emoji covered tablet sleeve takes the saying, “Wearing your heart on your sleeve” to the next level! You can also add an emoji covered power bank as a gadget gift to make sure they are always charged up and ready to respond with the perfect emoji.

 Goodies To Make Them ‘Smiley’


Everybody should be included in Emoji Day celebrations. Sometimes we forget to include those people that do not have smart phones at their fingertips. Forget about a text or an email, nothing will warm Grandma and Grandpa’s heart more than a few strategically placed emoji notes. Place a sticky note on your loved one’s pillow, on the fridge as a sweet message for her or put one next to his coffee as a gift for him. If lockdown is keeping you socially distanced, you can even slide a note under their door.

Help distract your friends and family from the difficult times with beautiful flowers! Send them some tulips in a pot with a fun emoji or some red roses in an emoji flower pot. You can send them some emoji balloons too, as a social distancing party is really the ideal way to celebrate Emoji Day.

Feel Like The Yawning Emoji Yet?


After a day of pulling a thinking face and coming up with different ways to celebrate Emoji Day, and sending them gifts available online with a smile, they may be quite worn out. Just because the day is coming to end, it doesn’t mean the celebrations have to stop. Why not keep them snuggled up in a warm fleece gown proudly displaying the emoji closest to their heart? They can send their last emoji’s of the day, a kiss to Mom, a heart to their beloved, praying hands for that friend facing difficulties or just a wave to someone on their mind, After that, when they are comfortably tucked into bed they can put their weary head on an emoji pillow case and softly enter the land of z’s.

Make sure they get the message. Gift a smile this Emoji Day by sending them a playful present to celebrate! They will give you a ‘thumbs up’ for making their day fun and full of meaning!

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