The Best Secretary’s Day Gift Ideas

Without the tireless work of secretaries and other administrative professionals, offices would surely fall apart! Once a year, Secretary’s Day comes around as an opportunity to celebrate the support staff that keeps the business running smoothly. Secretary’s Day 2021 is on 1 September so there’s still time to pick out a thoughtful gift for the people in your office who make life easier for everyone.

Choosing just the right gift for a secretary or assistant can be a daunting task. Not only should the perfect present be simple enough to remain appropriate and useful, but it will also adequately communicate just how appreciated they are – as individuals! Trust us, not everyone is cut out to survive the secretary lifestyle and these people are certainly special. From the ‘office decorators’ and ‘organising wonders’ to the ‘computer charmers’. To say ‘Happy Secretary’s Day’ NetFlorist has the best range of carefully curated Secretary’s Day gifts that will suit every type of secretary and every individual.

Secretary’s Day Gifts for the Coffee-loving Secretary

They keep the office going on a day-to-day, from organising meetings to ensuring everybody has what they need for a successful week – but what keeps them going? If you’re looking for Secretary’s Day coffee gift ideas, why not encourage them to ‘fill’ their own cup with a personalised coffee mug. We know they’re always on the move, so why not gift them with a fashionable and functional travel mug that will keep them ‘fuelled’ up.

Secretary's Day Personalised Mug

These special ladies and gents deserve the mug, and to drink the coffee too! They’re the only ones in the office who truly know how to work the coffee machine – they know when the coffee beans are running low, and they know exactly where the coffee grinder goes. That’s why a coffee hamper would be a great way to celebrate them.

Secretary's Day Coffee Hamper

Gifts for the ‘Organised Decorator’ Secretary

They’re always fixing files and sorting through the paper piles, completing tasks with time to spare, and keeping track of what goes where! How do they manage to do all-the-things and still find time to make sure everything looks nice and neat? If your office administrator fancies themselves a decorator, you cannot go wrong with sending them some beautiful Secretary’s Day flowers. Fresh flowers will not only make your office look bright and cheerful, but will also brighten up even their busiest day, and desk!

Secretary's Day Flowers

Their organisation is beyond compare, they know exactly what to find and where! To aid in their organisational undertakings with Secretary’s Day stationery ideas, why not show your secretary how valued and appreciated they are with a pretty and practical personalised stationery set for their desk? From calendars and notebooks, to pens and pencil cases to hold them – there is something for every classification and systemisation need!

Secretary's Day Stationery Set

Secretary’s Day Gifts for the ‘Health-Nut’ Secretary

You watch them in the office every day. Yet in-between their placing orders for supplies, and keeping calm when tensions rise – they still manage to eat fruit with their breakfast, and they somehow always choose to take the stairs! If you’re looking for healthy Secretary’s Day gift ideas for the ones who take their healthy lifestyle as seriously as they do their job we have a variety of options. A healthy gourmet gift will make the ideal gourmet idea for Secretary’s Day. Whether it’s a delectable tray of dried fruit or nuts, or even biltong and fresh fruit, it’s sure to get an apple-‘ause’!

Secretary's Day Dried Fruit And Nuts

Their smiles reach far and near and tells everyone in the office they’re welcome here. Secretaries and other administrative professionals always manage to show you the glass half-full, so why not gift them with their own personalised water bottle to make keeping them healthy and hydrated a bit easier! If you’re in need of water bottle ideas for Secretary’s Day, we have stainless steel bottles, and printed bottles that will suit every type of style.

Secretary's Day Water Bottle

Gifts for the ‘Tech-Savvy’ Secretary

They’re always typing emails and reports, handling crises of all sorts, taking calls throughout the day and being great in every way! They say that behind every successful organisation there is an efficient secretary. Well, we say that behind every administrative professional is some great gadgets gifts for Secretary’s Day to make all the calls and reports possible! A personalised power bank is one way to make sure they never to be the ones to look for a lost charging cable (that someone else probably borrowed!).

Secretary's Day Power Bank

Whether you’re looking for Secretary’s Day gadgets for her or Secretary’s Day gadgets for him – we have you covered. With so much to do, it’s a safe bet that they’re always in need of a USB. Why not gift them with a personalised USB that can be carefully crafted with their name. Not only can this gift store everything they need to keep track of, but it also won’t get misplaced easily. This is one gift that will definitely em-‘power’ them!

Secretary's Day Personalised USB

These hardworking individuals don’t always get the recognition they deserve, but let’s face it, companies and bosses will be lost without them. Whether they’re in the office right now or working from home, there are so many ways to celebrate the heroes of the office this Secretary’s Day 2021 with gifts from NetFlorist.

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