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There’s no greater gift than one that will tug at the heartstrings of the one you love the most. From our exquisite variety of flowers online, NetFlorist boasts the seasonal elegance of terrific tulips for the one who holds your heart. Exotically rich in fragrance and universally adored among different types of flowers, tulips echo the beauty of radiant roses without any of the thorns. This season, add a world of colour and a dash of grace to their home, their workspace or their garden with our amazing display of tulips!

Whether you’re brightening their day with a tulip flower vase or a beautiful flower bouquet, you can indulge someone special to you with these phenomenal tulip blossoms and tulip plants. In honour of this extraordinary season, the flower fairies at NetFlorist have prepared a magical variety of tulip fun facts, flower meanings and basic care tips that will make your heart smile or, even better, make their day brighter!



A variety of tulips can symbolise a variety of meanings, and each colour is a representation of feelings that are beyond words. The primary significance of tulips is perfect and unconditional love, which like tulips, comes in many forms. Red tulips are most strongly associated with true love and are reminiscent of a love that’s beyond measure. Our purple tulips symbolise royalty, power, luxury, and a sensational serenity which most people strive to achieve. What’s interesting is that yellow tulips used to be reminiscent of hopeless love but nowadays, they are more associated with happiness and cheerful thoughts. Who doesn’t love a heart filled with boundless joy?

White tulips, on the other hand, represent purity, innocence and endless worth and are said to bring good fortune and tend to also convey exquisite beauty. Whether you are a person who loves beyond measure, or you’re planning to surprise someone who loves you unconditionally, tulips are among the most perfect flower gifts online. Need to know more?



  • Between 1634 and 1637, tulips were the most expensive flower in the world, and it is said that tulips cost almost 10 times what an average working-class man earned in a year; this time period was known as “Tulip Mania.”
  • In South Africa, tulips bloom in the winter which means they are rare in the warmer months of the year. In warmer seasons, they are, however, usually grown in cold rooms to make up for the high temperature.
  • Worldwide, tulips are the third most beautiful flower behind roses and carnations, and the third most popular flower behind roses and chrysanthemums.
  • Tulips are the only cut flowers that grow in water!
  • Tulips feel the drop in temperature at night and close their petals.
  • About 90% of South Africa’s tulips are exported.
  • Fresh tulips are better on their own or in a bouquet, as they have a five-day life expectancy.


At NetFlorist, tulips are among our favourite fresh flowers and if you’re looking for unique wedding flowers online, tulips are among the most popular wedding flowers in the world. They are also ranked among the most beautiful anniversary flowers, so the next time you forget the moment your heart was stolen, our exquisite tulips are sure to jog your memory and express endless love to your only love!



One thing to keep in mind is that tulips are very low in maintenance and require very infrequent watering or tending, which makes them the perfect drought resistant flower for the cold season. Let’s face it; it’s the winter season, and we’d all rather be in bed than out watering a flower every 5 minutes!

Here’s a small tip, always buy tulips while they are still in bud, as that would ensure that they have opened beautifully by the time they are in the arms of someone special to you. Once the pores have closed:

  • Cut down the bottom of the stems to reopen the pores so they can reabsorb the water.
  • Place the tulip in a vase and add about 5cm of water. Ensure to top water up once a day, and be careful not to overwater it. This would cause the water to be absorbed faster and the head to to flop sooner.



  • Tulip plants are grown in cold rooms in South Africa.
  • Keep the plants away from heat as it causes faster development.
  • Only water your plant twice a week. If you want, you can put water in a drip tray and place your tulip pot in there so it can absorb the water as needed.
  • Once the colour of the tulip flower starts showing, the life expectancy of the tulip plant is around a week to a week and a half.
  • Once the flower dies, you can cut it down and take the bulb out of the soil. Place it in a dry and dark place, or plant in a dry area in the garden.
  • The bulbs multiply in the ground in their dormant state.
  • In the late summer, you can plant your bulbs again for them to bloom during the winter season.

Tulips may be seasonal, but their beauty and what each petal stands for, is timeless. The flower fairies at NetFlorist ensure that each one of our tulips capture the essence of the occasion. When tulip mania dies down, all that remains is a seasonal elegance that will make their heart smile. So, whether you’re ordering tulips online from us, or you’re growing your own tulip flowers and plants, let NetFlorist be your one-stop online flower delivery store.

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