The Best Baby Gifts To Welcome A Bundle Of Joy

Babies bring so much excitement and warm fuzzy feelings to their loved ones. That’s why they’re affectionately called bundles of joy. Their cuteness is so infectious, so much so that uncles and aunties can get baby fever. And, the grandparents will be trying their best to convince Mom and Dad to let the baby stay with them. But, everyone can have a space in the baby’s life and we have just the perfect starting point.

The moment the little bundle of joy arrives, everyone wants to celebrate. So, as the day slowly approaches, it’s time to take a look at our baby gift suggestions for and start shopping early.

Baby Clothes

First up, we have the classic choice: baby clothes! The first thing most people find hard to resist when going to shop for baby gifts is the tiny cute onesies. They are the most adorable thing ever, so you can only imagine getting them a personalised baby gift that says, ‘my coolest aunty or uncle says I’m cute’.  That’s not all, we have personalised bibs to help Mom and Dad during feeding time and the tiniest socks to cover the baby’s cute 10 little toes. Besides, a baby can never have enough socks! If you aren’t sure what gift to get then a newborn baby set with a personalised onesie, bib, little hat and socks or blanket is the best choice and an all-in-one gift.

baby setboy onesiegirl onesie

Bathtime Accessories

When it comes to bath time, there are plenty of newborn gifts that will be helpful for both the baby and the parents. You can opt for a set of hooded towels with soft washcloths that come with gentle baby shampoo and lotion to make it a complete bathtime set. These gifts are sure to make bathtime an enjoyable experience for the little one.

Boy towelBath towel setGirl towel

Nursery Décor

Newborn babies will spend most of their time sleeping in their nursery or playing in it while awake, so it’s important to make the room as comfortable as possible. The best gifts to help achieve this are cosy baby blankets and a colourful bed set to help create a warm environment where they can feel warm and snuggled up when they are sleeping or resting between activities. You can also gift the family a baby photobook or a nursery clock with a picture of the family and the newest family member on it. Lastly, to add a bit of style to little one’s room décor, you can send a personalised pillow as a gift with a cute day 1 picture of the baby or of the family together to make it sentimental.

pillowWatchPhoto album

Hospital Bag

Now’s your chance to be unique and gift them something they can use from day one. For example, diapers, baby wipes, baby lotion, shampoo and a personalised towel, which you can get as a nappy basket at NetFlorist, would be ideal. Otherwise, you can celebrate both Mommy and Daddy with a welcoming baby basket filled with a teddy bear, chocolates, flowers and a stunning balloon. All these treats and sweets are perfect to fill the hospital bag and help the parents get their bundle of joy home warm and happy.

boy teddynappy basketnappy teddy

There are plenty of cute and personalised gift ideas to give to new parents to help them welcome their bundle of joy. So, go ahead and spread some joy and love with these adorable gifts for an even more adorable little one. Place your order today and be the first in line to bring tons of love and spoils to the expecting family.

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