It’s Never Too ‘March’ Gifts For The Women In Your Life

Gifts for the women in your life

It’s no secret that women are truly magical. They put their capes on and valiantly go about saving the day. If they’re not helping their kids who forgot to bring their sports kit yet again, they’re making boss moves in the workspace and demanding equal pay. They go above and beyond to make this world a better place. They would do anything to put a smile on their family’s faces. So, this year we’re putting the ‘wow’ in women. We’re inviting you to celebrate all the amazing women in your life with a sweet token of your appreciation! Yes, there are birthdays and Mother’s Day celebrations but, you can never give too ‘March’ gifts for the women in your life! Besides, can we ever thank them enough? We think not!


Empower Her

International Women’s Day 2022 is all about appreciating every woman across the globe. Be it your mom, your high school bestie, or your secretary and colleagues. NetFlorist has a range of fabulous gifts for all the women in your life too! What better way to em-‘power’ them to achieve greater things than with our unique gadget gifts for women? If she dances to her own tune and never misses a beat when it comes to making big decisions, you should spoil her with a set of personalised headphones. If she’s a powerhouse, amazing at her field of work and is always on the go, surprise the boss lady with her very own custom powerbank to help her stay in ‘charge’.

Is she the type of person to give noteworthy contributions to important projects and believes in the power of teamwork? Are meetings always so fruitful because she always has the ‘write’ words to say? Go on and equip her with a set of stationery gifts available online.  Help her stay on track with our legen-‘diary’ notebooks, journals, or diaries. Better yet, add in a stylish laptop bag for her and see her face light up! Believe us, she won’t think it’s too ‘March’!

Personalised Headphones Gift for herWomen's Day GiftPersonalised Confetti Power Bank Link Button

Encourage Them

The importance of Women’s Day is to acknowledge all the positive changes and contributions to society that women have made. It’s a day to give them recognition and some well deserved praise. Big or small, let them know that you’re proud of what they do with a thank you gift that says it all. Go on and ‘bake’ them smile with a box of doughnuts that can be personalised with any Women’s Day message you have in mind. Whether it’s their favourite inspirational quote or your own encouraging words, they’ll surely love your sweet gesture.

Our gorgeous flowering plants are a fun way to say, “you ‘grow’ girl”! And no, it doesn’t matter if they already have a lot of flowers and plants in their home. One can never have too ‘March’ spoils that bring life and beauty into their space. So, show them where your love ‘stems’ from and colour their day with our gorgeous fresh flowers for sameday delivery.


Thank you gift for womenDaffodils flower gift for womenthank you gifts for her 


Energise Her

Women’s Day 2022 is also a celebration of all the unique things that make women who they are. If they’re not running around and using their superpowers to persuade people, they’re whizzing their way through house chores and keeping the family afloat. How does she do it all? We’re as amazed as you are! Why not fuel her fire with some energising coffee and tea gifts? It’s a great way to ‘espresso’ your appreciation and let her know she’s doing a ‘tea’-riffic job!

She may wear all the hats, but that’s not to say you shouldn’t help her out. You should give her the kind of support she needs as well. Give her a moment to unwind and relax with a set of luxurious bath and body hampers. Our soft and fluffy personalised gowns, ‘fizz’-tastic bath bombs, and de-‘light’-ful scented candles are the perfect recipe for the ideal weekend spent indoors! After everything they do for you, you can never pamper them too ‘March’.

Coffee gift for herBath and body hamper for hermug and flower gift for her

As you can see, you are spoilt for choice when having to choose a sentimental gift for Women’s Day. Whether it’s a personalised gift or a feel-good food gift, NetFlorist has an exceptional selection of gifts for the women in your life! Celebrate every woman you know and make them feel loved and valued.  This month is not the time to hold back on your gifting generosity. Go all out for the super-‘sheros’ and wonder women and delight them with gifts. It’ll never be too ‘March’ for them.

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