Online retail therapy will chase your blues away

How to beat the Monday blues?

Did you have an incredible weekend, dancing on tables or brunching with your bestie? Or did you spend Sunday lazing in bed with your favourite book and copious amounts of Illy coffee? Perhaps you didn’t move out of bed, and you fell asleep to the comforting sounds of the intro music on your favourite series as the DVD spins round and round, your subconscious blending images to the soundtrack weaving extraordinary visions behind your eyes, taking you on incredible adventures with dashing strangers only to have your Mills & Boon cover shoot type embrace interrupted with the beeping of your alarm signalling that the weekend is well and truly over – if you thought the intro to Carte Blanche was depressing the sound of your alarm can make you positively homicidal as you drag yourself out of bed and into the shower, brushing your teeth with such anger and vigour that your face starts to look like a cartoon character on a rollercoaster.

Let your fingers do the scrolling

Beating the blues is very easy with a bit of online retail therapy from everybody’s favourite online florist and gifting site, NetFlorist. For starters you can put some joy back into your morning by opening that incredible Illy Coffee gift set that your great aunt from America sent you for your birthday. At least by starting your Monday with an aromatic pitcher or bucket of the world’s most luxurious coffee the world will be kind to your for about 25.5 seconds until you realise that school holidays ended yesterday and your kids aren’t up and they’re doing road works on your normal route to work which means you have to take the long route and get stuck in traffic – but then you inhale deeply and you remember that you’re enjoying a cup of coffee and you think to yourself that the kids won’t miss too much on the first day and they can just have had some dodgy borst the night before and are both too ill to come in to school.

Once you have got to work, faxed off what needs to be faxed and signed off what needs to be signed off and while you enjoying your breakfast and (yet another) cup of coffee you can take 5 minutes to yourself and let your fingers do some retail therapy; nothing says “happy Monday” like buying your best friend an any day gift of a bunch of tulips to bring a smile to her face. Or you buy yourself a big bunch of the brightest gerbera’s or the prettiest perfume that will be delivered to your door, that will chase away any blues you might be feeling.



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