November Birth Flower: Chrysanthemum

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Ah, November! The month that’s on the cusp of the oh-so celebratory spring season. It leads us to a more fabulous, sunnier, summer season. It’s no wonder the people born in this month are chirpy and spread positive vibes! So why not show your gratitude for them with a November birth flower? Yup, there’s such a thing called birth flowers. And, November’s one is chrysanthemum. Okay, before you bite your tongue trying to pronounce that, here’s the phonetic spelling of the flower: kruh·san·thuh·muhm. Or, you can just call these flowers by their nickname – mums. Isn’t that much easier to say out loud? Now let’s get into the significance of this pretty flower and why you should send it as a birthday gift, or just because.


The History Of The November Birth Flower: Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums, aka mums, have strong historical ties to China. Their existence was first recorded in the 15th century BC by Chinese people. They used mums’ roots as a medicinal cure for headaches and to reduce blood pressure. Over the centuries, mums have made their way across the world, evolving into a symbol of joy, loyalty, and longevity. It’s no surprise if you consider chrysanthemum’s meaning in Greek mythology. ‘Chrysos’ means gold, and ‘anthemon’ means flower. Historically, mums were yellow/ golden in colour, hence their given name, but are now available in a range of colours because of cultivation.

Mixed orange and yellow chrysanthemumsYellow Chrysanthemum in a cement smiley potMaroon Chrysanthemums November Birth Flower


The Symbolism Of Chrysanthemums

Depending on where you live in the world, mums have a different meaning. In the United States, mums are associated with feelings of joy and optimism. In Japan, mums symbolise royalty and are celebrated yearly as part of their festival of happiness. European countries, like France, Belgium and Spain associate, white chrysanthemums with death. Mums are often given to the grieving family as a symbol of purity. So, you might want to stay away from sending a bunch of white mums.

November also has 2x star signs, Scorpio and Sagittarius. This means there are 2 different sets of personalities. Scorpions are known for their passion,  determination and loyalty. Maroon and lilac chrysanthemums flowers are the best choice of colour for them. Sagittarius’, on the other hand, are known for their adventurous, honest and optimistic nature. Yellow and orange mums would be the ideal colour for them.


Which November Birth Flower To Gift?

Now that you know a little history behind this gorgeous flowering plant, you can go ahead a choose the perfect gift for them! If it’s a birthday gift for him (yes, men like flowers), you may want to send a pot of mums with a side of yums, like dried fruit and biltong. This way he can bring a bit of beauty into this office space and have something to snack on whilst looking at it. Thinking of sending a meaningful birthday gift for her? Pink or yellow mums are perfect, paired with a fabulous birthday balloon and some chocs! Be sure to include a message in her card of why this flower is so special – she’ll love it even more!

Lilac chrysanthemums and mixed fruits in a crate November birth flower: red chrysanthemumsYellow chrysanthemums in a basket - November birth flowerLilac Chrysanthemums with chocolates and a birthday balloon


Chrysanthemums aren’t just flattering layered flowers; they’re colourful messengers. In other parts of the world, they bring some much-needed colour to their autumn season. In South Africa, they bring so much joy, adding to our happy summer days. Chrysanthemum, the November birth flower, is laced with so much meaning, promising to bring tears to the birthday boy or girl. So add a touch of mum magic to their birthday celebrations and order a bunch from NetFlorist. We promise to deliver their birthday gift with a bright smile from you to them!

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