Nougat Day Gift Guide

Nougat is one of those classic treats that few others can top. It’s fluffy, sweet, and creamy, and the variations are endless! Whether you prefer traditional nougat or something with an exciting twist, there is an option for every taste.

So, to all our fellow nougat enthusiasts out there, we hope you are ready and prepped for National Nougat Day (26 March)! Because boy-oh-boy your sweet tooth will be singing once you see what NetFlorist has in store for this delicious occasion. To make things even sweeter, we have decided to put together a Nougat Day gift guide that will help you choose the perfect delectable goodies for your loved ones.

For The Chocoholics

Anyone who loves sweet treats a choco-‘lot’ will agree that nougat and chocolate is a match made in confectionery heaven! The words ‘too much chocolate’ simply doesn’t exist in a chocoholic’s vocabulary, so feel free to go all out. Something like Sally Williams nougat coated in dark chocolate will surely do the trick? Or if you know they prefer munching on milk chocolate, then a chocolate slab with roasted nougat pieces will be legen-‘dairy’. But let’s not put all the chocoholics in one box, because some of them might also like cookies and biscuits. Show them how strong your friend-‘chip’ really is by treating them to chocolate nougat biscuits. We promise it will score you extra brownie points!

Sally Williams Nougat ChocolateWedgewood Nougat And Biscuits Share PackSally Williams Nougat And Chocolate Share Pack

For The Comfort Snackers

Do you have a loved one who has been feeling under the weather lately? Send them a heartfelt get well soon gift so that they can celebrate National Nougat Day from the comfort of their bed. A personalised nougat box, or a hamper with a snuggly plush toy will lift their spirits in no time! Who said you must be sick to snack in bed? The real comfort snackers out there know exactly how it’s done! We’re thinking something along the line of a comfy bed, your favourite series, and delicious snacks delivered from NetFlorist. Add to their comfort (and back support) by sending them a personalised scatter cushion with some nougat treats on the side. Now that’s how Nougat Day should go down!

Bunny Teddy With NougatSally Williams Nougat Get Well BoxPersonalised Scatter Cushion With Nougat

For The Foodies

We all have that one friend or family member who believes they have what it takes to be the next MasterChef winner. But before they get to celebrate their new title, they should first celebrate National Nougat Day! Our nougat gifts are so fine even the most sophisticated palate will be impressed. Treat them to a hamper with milk chocolate nougat and a pot of Sally Williams honey. Or let them enjoy a cup of coffee with some wonderful Wedgewood nougat to break the bitterness. If you know they like it nutty then macadamia nougat with a bottle of smooth red wine will be delightful. This will allow them to eat the nougat now and age the wine for that special day when they finally win MasterChef (or for drowning their sorrows when they don’t).

Sally Williams Nougat Hamper With HoneyVida Coffee And Nougat BoxWine And Nougat Box

Our Nougat Day gift ideas have hopefully skyrocketed your excitement level for National Nougat Day. As you can see, we have something sweet for each of your loved ones. From the chocoholics to the comfort snackers, and not to forget the foodies, they are bound to be impressed. Regardless of where and how they’ll be celebrating National Nougat Day, be sure to make it a delicious one with NetFlorist!

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