As the lockdown extends to the end of the month, there’s never been a better time to answer your questions on Covid-19 safety. While social distancing is advised as the best way to keep you and your family safe, essential journeys and deliveries are still a part of our daily lives. Here are five most burning questions on the internet and all the answers you may need!


What is an essential journey?

Self-isolation and general hygiene are the best way to keep you and your family safe during the Covid-19 crisis, but sometimes you may need to venture out into the world for one reason or another. An essential journey is a quick trip for food or medicine, feeding animals and looking after other people who are self-isolating, especially if they are unable to take care of themselves. If you are going stir-crazy, the best thing you can do is join your local volunteer group, which always has essential errands to run for people of their community.


Is it safe to accept deliveries?

While NetFlorist practices practical personal hygiene in order to ensure the general safety of all essential goods delivered, it’s necessary that you treat everything with a degree of caution. Most grocery essentials are packaged with a high level of care to ensure the safety of the recipient, but you have to be extra safe! Sanitise your hands before and after accepting or exchanging a gift. Additionally, fresh produce should be washed immediately after they’re opened so they remain as fresh as the day as they were picked.

To play our part in ensuring your safety, NetFlorist has taken a few extra steps to ensure that we keep you and your loved ones super safe:

  • All our staff are sanitising upon entry, exit and at hourly intervals.
  • Our drivers are sanitising before touching your gift, as well as offering sanitiser to your loved one after they’ve received the gift.
  • To minimise contact, our drivers will ask your recipients if they can leave their gift at the door, reception or table.
  • Our delivery vehicles and all other ‘high touch’ point surfaces are being sanitised regularly.
  • Your recipient will not have to sign for their delivery, our driver will do this on their behalf.


Should I be regularly disinfecting my bank card and phone?

You should be regularly wiping your phone with a cloth and disinfectant twice a day. For your bank cards, a simple wipe down is fine as any liquid would make it difficult for the machine to read the card. Shopping with cash poses the danger of exchanging germs from one party to another through money. None of us know where the money we’re receiving as change is coming from, so it’s one of the many dangers that people are facing. The virus can survive better on polymer notes than on paper, but it’s essential to cut down on using cash for your daily transactions, not so much for the potential for infection from the cash itself but because you don’t really want to be handing things to anyone.


What is the best way to wash any foods to make sure it’s safe to eat?

You should treat all food with a high degree of caution unless you have grown it yourself. Wash all fruit and veggies in clean water. Covid-19 is not the only danger that can be found in our meals, so it’s important to take any precaution. Be mindful of all packaged foods, and make sure they haven’t been opened.


What is the proper way to practice social distancing?

Keep your distance even from people in your own home. If you are on your own, and you decide to take a short walk (which is ill-advised), just keep an eye out for people coming towards you and maintain your distance. Try not to dawdle where the pavement narrows, especially if people might be coming up behind you. If you are walking as a couple, inconvenience yourselves – walk into the gutter, separate, go round the parked car – on behalf of anyone else. If you are walking as a family, go in the bubble formation, all members round some central member. You are not going to scatter in a uniform way as someone comes towards you, but they can see you, and if you all stick together, they can react accordingly.


Needless to say, we’re all in this together, and if you prioritise your safety and that of others, you’ll find that there’s nothing we cannot overcome. NetFlorist is still available for essential deliveries, so if you’re looking for fresh produce or meat and poultry, look no further than our extensive range of groceries from South Africa’s largest sameday delivery service. Thank you for trusting us with helping you bring smiles to your loved ones. Remember, Just Be Nice!


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