Lions and Puppies and Bears, Oh My!

NetFlorist loves love. So, while the month of love has come and gone, your favourite gift delivery service will always be in the mood… to deliver smiles, of course. Besides, your loved one deserves to be cherished every moment of every day, even if it’s not a particularly ‘special’ occasion. I’ve been obsessing over the sweet and soft combo that is plushies and chocolates so, this week, I reviewed the classic gift. I DID NOT spend each night cuddling a different teddy (although I would have liked to), but I have found ways to make sure that these are by far the best gifts for the one you love, whether romantically or platonically. Here are the most creative soft and sweet gifts that include a plushy and some chocs!

Chocolate and Hug Arrangement

The loveliest thing about this teddy gift is that it works for almost anything. This sweet display features a soft teddy bear atop a bed of luxurious Ferrero Rocher! It’s the perfect way to say, “I love you”, “I miss you” or “I hope you feel better soon”. This also happens to be one of the cuddliest plushies that NetFlorist has to offer! So, while you may not be around to give them the cuddles they deserve, they’ll have this comforting alternative.

Unicorn Plushy with Lindt Chocolate

There’s a certain magic they add your life. There’s a certain sparkle that follows them whenever they’re around, isn’t there? This Unicorn Plushy with Lindt Chocolate was made for those who want to express a unique love, and it doesn’t have to be romantic! Send this as a friendship gift, or even as a birthday gift for her if you are so inclined. But of course, it is also a wonderful option as a romantic gift for her, and it definitely trumps the classic teddy bear.

Personalised XOXO Teddy and Lindt Hamper

Any Lindt hamper is a winner. And when it includes a plush teddy bear, it turns into a hug. This Personalised XOXO Teddy and Lindt Hamper includes all the right things! Personalised gifts will always be a speciality at NetFlorist, and this teddy gift is not an exception. The adorable plushy is dressed in a T-shirt that bears your special someone’s name, making this a gift they’ll forget. Remind them of your love for them with this awesome hamper and believe me when I say, the sweetness will linger!

Green Frog and Chocolate Gift

Give them the best of ALL worlds with this Green Frog and Chocolate Gift, which includes an assortment of chocolates and a bright green plush frog. I would love to assure you that this gift will give them a sweet treat for days on end but, from personal experience, I know that these chocolates are irresistible and will be gone before they even realise how much they’ve been having! They will, however, be comforted by the ‘hoppy’ feelings that the plush frog brings them.

Puppy Hugs and Lindt Kisses in Tin

Today we’re reserving the best for last. In my quest for the ultimate plush gift, I came across this Puppy Hugs and Lindt Kisses in a Tin. There are so many things that make this gift perfect! The pink and red hearts on the puppy’s body, the adorable floppy ears, the texture of this cuddly surprise, the utter luxury of Lindt chocolate truffles, the creative tin that holds hugs and kisses for your person… I could go on forever! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner in this one.

NetFlorist’s teddy gifts don’t end there, but if I were to go on, I’d probably end up listing all of them. From personalised teddies to plush dinosaurs that roar with love, there’s something soft and special to express a love that is loud but gentle. Explore all of these wonderful surprises in a range of sweet teddies, kitties, puppies, unicorns, dinosaurs, frogs and even rhinos… If I didn’t know better, I’d say we were running a petting zoo!

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