Well, it’s official! The Rambling Rose has had a facelift; even though we’re smitten with the new look, it’ll all mean nothing if we didn’t share it with all of you! From our new user experience, to our diverse range of topics, the NetFlorist blog is your inside look into what the NetFlorist bunch get up to on a weekly basis.


So, why revamp the blog?

Ever since we were repotted into a new building in late 2019, there was no better time to trust the magic of new beginnings. The Rambling Rose is a platform for our valued followers to engage and interact with NetFlorist on a casual basis, and we wanted to let your experience be a feast for the eyes just as it is one for the soul.

Be well-informed on different flower care tips with the latest addition to our menu navigation. Know more about your favourite flowers and plants, and if you’re looking to know whether you’ve found the perfect gift, our gift reviews will do the trick and keep you in the know. But, I’m getting ahead of myself…


What’s New?

The Look and Feel

The user experience of our main site has made it easier for customers to explore, purchase and send gifts to their loved ones. Even when you’re just browsing with the intention of buying later, our site has made it easier to find the right gift for the right person. We decided to adapt the seamless efficiency of the user experience of our main site into the Rambling Rose to ensure that you enjoy keeping up to date with what we’ve been up to. Our new look makes it easier to find articles you might be interested in and to find information that’ll help with all your gifting needs.

We’ve added other features and widgets, such as our slider which displays the 3 latest posts in our gifting category. These posts are usually gift ideas, gift reviews and a recap on all the gifts you might have missed from our emails and social media platforms!


The Type of Content

No one enjoys being spoon-fed articles on topics they’re not interested in! We understand that it may have been difficult, and somewhat of a nightmare to keep up with the random posts in our previous look, that’s why we’ve made it easier to find the categories you’re interested in. Do you like Valentine’s Day gift ideas, but don’t particularly care about flowers and their meanings? Does your green thumb compel you to seek out our Flower Tips, but aren’t interested in our hamper reviews? Rest easy, because now we have a wide variety of content that’s tailored to your interests.


Missed an article?

Our Recent Ramblings section makes it easier to find your favourite type of content from the previous weeks. There’s even a calendar that tracks when each article was posted as well as all the articles that were posted on that day.


Our Flower Tips Page

Our navigation tab has been redesigned to include our new Flower Tips category. This new page was created as your one-stop spot for all things ‘flower care’. Wondering why your abracadabra roses look sickly and frail? This page has all the information you’ll ever need in a short, digestible format. Learn how to take care of your flowers from South Africa’s largest sameday flower and gifting service, and keep your favourite floral beauty alive!

From need-to-know arum lily care tips to detailed advice on your orchid care, there’s more than one way to keep your flowers as beautiful as they are radiant. What ever your flower tips’ query, you’re sure to find the best tips and tricks that’ll help you take care of your plants and flowers.


What to Expect

The Rambling Rose will bring more of everything! More content, more diverse topics, and more ways to engage with your favourite authors. Whether you enjoy Lillian Bonsai’s quirky personality or maybe you enjoy Benny Bloom’s soft-spoken outlook, there’ll be more for you to engage with on any given occasion.

From gift reviews, to gift guides, enjoy a casual hang with your one-stop online gifting site. You’ll get an inside look into what we’re up to; from our ongoing campaigns, our never-before-seen floral arrangements and our latest gifts and hampers. Sit back, relax and explore the Rambling Rose to your heart’s content. We hope you love it!

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