Halloween 2020 is almost here, and we’ve put together a guide to our top 5 gifts for Halloween. Make sure this is a ‘spook’-tacular occasion, with gifts that are Hallo-‘winners’! You know… in case you’re looking to trick or treat yo’self, or a loved one.


The world can be a scary place. Things go bump in the night, sometimes your bedroom closet isn’t as empty as it appears, and stage 4 load shedding exists. EEK! To make matters worse, the year has only gotten scarier… Instead of wearing masks on Halloween, we’ve been wearing them all year round! And don’t forget social distancing! Halloween in South Africa is going to be a lot different this year.

Instead of your nearest and dearest getting a fright as a candy-seeking stranger contaminates their doorbell with germs, send them something special they won’t even have to leave the house to receive. That’ll give them ‘pumpkin’ to talk about! Why? Because the NetFlorist Bunch has decided that our Halloween theme is that of giving! So, put away your ‘trick or treating’ costume, and log onto NetFlorist to find the best Halloween gift ideas.

But why send gifts on Halloween? Well, just like our other occasions, we believe that any chance you get to ‘just be nice’ is one to take advantage of! Which is why we compiled a list of our favourite Halloween gifts, hampers, and flowers (with the help of Harold, of course) in the hopes you will find every reason to spoil your loved ones this Halloween.

Our Top 5 Gifts for Halloween:

1. Trick or Treat Chocolate Hatbox

Trick or Treat Chocolate Hatbox

It is the perfect time of year to eat, drink and be scary with Halloween snacks delivered by NetFlorist – like this Trick or Treat Chocolate Hatbox! They won’t need to prowl the neighbourhood for candies and choccies when you send them this delectable chocolate hatbox gift. Packed full of delicious Nestlé chocolates, like Tex, Peppermint Crisp and Smarties, this indulgent hatbox will satisfy all their Halloween candy cravings. Plus, the hatbox comes with an adorable Halloween design, making it the perfect keepsake!

Hold on, our chocolate gift idea obsession doesn’t end there! Indulge your special someone with delicious Lindt dark chocolate, or take their breath away with an eye-catching edible arrangement! Our chocolate hampers are scary good!

2. Skull Flower or Succulent Mug

Flowers aren’t always beautiful. Sometimes, they can be terrifying! Or at least be held in a mildly spooky mug… like this Skull Flower or Succulent Mug from our selection of Halloween flowers. What makes this gift truly unique is the ability to choose between a flower gift and a plant gift for a Mrs or Mr – meaning you can tailor the present to suit whoever the recipient may be! ‘Creep’ it real with a sophisticated arrangement of different types of flowers like roses and gerbera daisies, or an indoor plant like a succulent. This is an all-natural Halloween gift they will love a skele-‘ton’!

And if you’re looking for something a little less spooky and a little more friendly, take a look at our flower vases. We even have a wide variety of plants, like the orchid, bonsai tree, lily or edible herbs!

3. Personalised Skulls iPhone Cover

Do you have a friend who’s obsessed with Halloween? Maybe a little bit too much? Well, they will love this gift! Surprise your horror-film fanatic with a wonder-‘skull’ gadget gift, like this Personalised Skulls iPhone Cover! Our cell phones are extremely important to use; they hold all our information, our memories, they’re our point of contact, and they entertain us! Which is why a customised cell phone cover makes an ideal gift idea for any occasion, not just a Halloween gift! There is even a Samsung version too!

If this Halloween-fiend is also a techno-wiz and loves gizmos and gadgetry, then pair their new phone cover with some other phone accessories. Keep them plugged in with a combination of headphones and a power bank. Or you could add some grip to their phone with a pop socket? With all this protection, it doesn’t matter that they’re ‘bone’ to be wild!

4. Spooky Cookie Bouquet

Does your ‘ghoul’-friend love a good Halloween treat? Or do you have a colleague or client who is crazy about a spooky snack? Well, surprise them with a ‘fang’-tastic Spooky Cookie Bouquet gift! Spiders, black cats, scary faces and a spooky phrase make up this fab-‘boo’-lous and delicious Halloween gift! And with additional Halloween cupcakes and cakes from The Bakery, they’ll be ‘goblin’ up their prezzie in no time at all! These scrumptious cookies even feature the Halloween colours of orange and black, making them an ‘eerie’-sistible Halloween treat. Even vampires like to dip a cookie or biscuit in their evening coffee!

However, the ovens at the NetFlorist bakery don’t stop after Halloween, they work all year round! If you’re in the need for a delivery of delightful cakes and bakes like cupcakes or chocolate-dipped strawberries, then place your order online today. (We even sell Château Gâteaux nationwide!)

5. Monster Kids’ T-shirt

If you consider your child to be a little monster instead of a bundle of joy around this time of year, then a Monster Kids’ T-Shirt will suit them perfectly! Keep their costume on all day, with this adorable (don’t tell them that though) T-shirt, featuring a red monster with one eye! Halloween doesn’t just have to be for the big kids! The little children can join in too, and embrace the spirit of the occasion with this Halloween gift! Plus, if there is any mess or spills from the Halloween candy, you can throw this shirt right into the laundry machine! Much easier than having a costume dry-cleaned if you ask us! Buying clothes online for kids at NetFlorist is as easy as a swish of your wand!

Plus, you can take a peek at our Kids’ gifts to find something extra to add on to this ‘wicked’ awesome send! They can keep their ‘trick or treat’ candy in a trendy new kids’ backpack, and stay hydrated with an un-‘boo’-lievable kids’ water bottles. Just don’t forget to buy some candy for your house!


It may be the season to be scary, but you can still be scary nice! With our various Halloween gift ideas, plus our exclusive ranges for this very occasion, you will be able to find all your spooky gifting needs! And, if you saw some of these gifts YOU might like, it doesn’t hurt to tell a friend! (Or send them a subtle hint!)

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