The Ultimate Domestic Workers’ Week Gift Guide

Domestic Workers’ Week is your chance to appreciate the ones who do so much for you. The ones who help keep your house clean, take care of the kids, find that missing sock or simply lend an ear when you need someone to confide in. Luckily, we’ve done the legwork for you and rounded up some of the greatest Domestic Workers’ Week gifts. You can thank us later!

When is Domestic Workers’ Week 2020?

Domestic Workers’ Week South Africa
falls from 2 to 8 November and is the perfect opportunity to shower the workers in your life with the praise and gratitude that they deserve. Whether that’s your housekeeper or gardener, don’t miss this opportunity to show them that your life just wouldn’t be the same without them!

Domestic workers' week giftsDomestic workers' week gifts cosmetic bags

Spoil them with bags of style

It’s true that you simply cannot beat a practical present. So, why not treat them to a personalised tote bag? Not only is this a handy gift, but is also guaranteed to make them feel special when they see their name or initials printed onto it! Throw in a personalised water bottle and your gift will be good to go.

A personalised cosmetic bag is another gift which will make their life a lot easier. These bags expertly marry style with functionality, meaning they’re a gift that is not just nice to receive, but one that is great to use as well. Trust us, they’ll adore one of these high-quality bags, which they can use to store all of their daily essentials in!

Domestic worker's gift personalised towelsdomestic workers' week gifts gowns

Shower them with gifts

After all of their hard work and their never-ending dedication, they will have earned some down time. And there’s no better way to pamper them than with our range of luxurious bath and body products which make the very best Domestic Workers’ Week gifts. From personalised bath towels to personalised gowns, these gifts will surely make a splash! Plus, we have fabulous Charlotte Rhys bath and body hampers that will make them feel fresh as a daisy. They may run a tight ship, but everyone, we mean everyone, needs some time to take a rejuvenating soak now and then.

domestic workers' week gifts candles domestic workers' week gifts personalised mugs

Another fool-proof way to make them beam with joy is with a personalised scented candle. These stunning home décor gifts are sure to light up their life in more ways than one! Speaking of home décor, why not create a stir with personalised mugs? These practical presents will make their home as lovely as they make yours. Add in a ‘brew’-tiful tea and coffee hamper and you’ll be all set.

domestic workers' week gifts champagne domestic workers' week gifts thank you

Give them ‘bubble’ vision

Perhaps they enjoy the other kind of bubbles? If so treat them to a champagne and chocolate hamper that is guaranteed to make them bubble over with joy! Because let’s face it, nothing quite says ‘thank you’ like a bottle of fizz with melt-in-your-mouth Lindt chocolates or Ferrero Rocher chocolates does. And, after the help and support that they’ve given you throughout the year, they’re entitled to indulge.

Speaking of indulging, we also suggest a personalised chocolate tray full of assorted chocolate delights to tickle their taste buds. Or even a Sally William’s nougat gift that comes with a teddy bear so cute, it is guaranteed to bring a smile to their faces!

‘Batter’ them up

Since they help make your life a piece of cake, it’s only fair to return the favour with, well an actual piece of cake from our online bakery. From red velvet to classic chocolate cake, you’ll be able to find the perfect sweet treat for them. Not to mention our impressive selection of cakes from Château Gâteaux. Plus, you can surprise them with frosted cupcakes with a very special thank you message. If that doesn’t whisk them off of their feet, perhaps a tin full of decadent chocolate brownies will? Considering that they make your world a ‘batter’ place we cannot think of a better gift to give them this Domestic Workers’ Week than one of these sublime confections from our bakery that delivers!

Closing note:

Now that it is November and 2020 is slowly drawing to a close, it’s only right that you appreciate them for everything that they’ve done for you and your family throughout this one-of-a-kind year. Like we said, we’ve laid the groundwork for you. So all you have to do is make your selection and show them how much you treasure them once and ‘floral’!

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