Glamorous cocktail party gifts with Carrol Boyes

Carrol Boyes has become a well-known brand in the South African home with stylish pieces made from pewter and ceramics. Her distinctive style can be spotted from a mile away with classy silhouettes and abstract shapes making her pieces a special part of the home, made to last a lifetime. NetGifts proudly stocks Carrol Boyes products which make great gifts for almost any occasion!

Pewter is mixed metal that can be sculpted into all sorts of shapes. Carrol Boyes pewter range is by far the biggest range in the company ranging from clocks, cutlery, candle sticks and photo frames etc. For a fun pewter gift from NetGifts is the Carrol Boyes Cocktail Shaker where you can shake things up at the next party! Impress your guests with the coolest cocktails with your shiny new cocktail shaker from Carrol Boyes! How about some snacks with your cocktails? NetGifts and Carrol Boyes has got it all figured out!

Cocktail Shaker Carrol Boyes collage

Speaking of booze, the Carrol Boyes On the Edge Wine Decanter is the perfect way of presenting your favourite vintage to your guests with its sleek design at which an elegant sculpted figure sits. Let your best wine breath in this amazing decanter! What about some beautiful wine glasses? The Carrol Boyes White Wine Glasses will allow your guests to wine and dine in style! The lucky person who receives these gifts will feel extra special! Let’s not forget the wine opener, Carrol Boyes has designed a chic wine opener that will make opening wine a pleasure (not that it isn’t!), so buy someone the Carrol Boyes Wine Pair that already comes with a stunning bottle KWV Merlot!

carrol boyes collage

The Carrol Boyes Chip & Dip – Laid Back with Snacks is the perfect accompaniment when hosting a chic cocktail party or just watching a rugby game! The ultra-modern design features Carrol Boyes iconic pewter where two bowls are balanced on her well-known figurines. Olives and breadsticks or crisps and biltong, whatever you choose, they’ll look irresistible in the Carrol Boyes snack bowl!



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